Released in 2007, this one hundred and seven minute movie is a Walt Disney fantasy-musical starring Amy Adams (Giselle), James Marsden (Prince Edward), Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa), Patrick Dempsey (Robert Philip) and Idina Menzel (Nancy), offering a chance to all grown up kids to meet with their lost childhood once again.

This lovely story begins in a fairyland named Andalasia known as “the meadows of joy and the valley of contentment”, where birds & animals talk, damsels live in trees, brave princes ride trolls, everyone talks by singing songs and people can be seen in & located through crystals balls.

Giselle is the name of our heroine who lives in a tree house in the abode of nature and has many animal friends around her. She dreams of finding her prince charming and firmly believes that “true love’s kiss” is the most powerful thing in the whole world. One day she meets Prince Edward who rescues her they both fall in love with each other and decide to get married but the stepmother of the Prince – Queen Narissa, who is also the queen of Andalasia, never wants her son to get married otherwise she would lose her throne and the crown to a new princess.

When Giselle reaches the castle, Narissa, in disguise of an ugly old hag, prevents her from seeing the Prince and throws her into a portal from “the world of happily ever after” into “the world of happily never after” – the earth. Giselle gets transported to the world of humans and reaches the city of New York.
She finds everything strange in the new world. Lonely, homeless and hapless Giselle then meets Robert Philip and his daughter – Morgan who rescue her from the crowd of New York by giving her a shelter in their home for a night.

Robert, who does not believe in fairytales, thinks that Giselle is a confused woman who is lost in the city Giselle makes Robert realize the importance of love and romance in his relationship with Nancy. Robert and his daughter start finding the company of Giselle really rejuvenating but then, Prince Edward, clad royally with a sword, accompanied by Queen’s henchman reach the city. A dramatic course of events follow as Giselle finds her true love in the end, like in all fairytales.

Is Giselle successfully saved? If yes, then how? Who saves her from death? What does the malicious, Is everyone able to make one’s life a “happily ever after” one? Viewer’s Connect:-
The movie is a wonderful watch for people of all age. Children enjoy the visual treat that it offers; the magic & witchcraft in it and the magical effect of various magical words like “Speciosus Formosus”; whereas adults learn the importance of love and romance which have almost lost their value in the world of sex and lust.

The movie wonderfully teaches one to enjoy the simple pleasures of life by being hopeful and optimistic about everything. It is a good cocktail of many fairytales like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland, and also has any subtle hints in it which refer to many other fairytales like Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Eragon, etc.

The fairyland of Andalasia is shown animated whereas the real world is not. The movie has many foot taping & romantic numbers in it like “A Happy Working Song”, “True Love’s Kiss”, “That’s how you know”, “So Close”, etc. The setting of the movie is in New York in the season of spring. It has maintained the linearity of time, action and place.

After its release, it became a huge success and a critically-acclaimed movie. It was nominated for nineteen awards, five out of which it won – Best Live Action Family Film at the 8th Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, Best Family Film at the 13th Critics’ Choice Awards (notably beating out Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and three Saturn Awards: Best Fantasy Film, Best Actress for Amy Adams and Best Music for Alan Menken.

Aditi Swami