Endangered Tigers

The Aircel is taking the initiative; we are asked to blog, to speak up. The heroes are roaring and so do the pubs, “Save them, save us.”

Every night the pubs are scared and they go to sleep with a hope that its mother will return back the next morning but they never realized that she might never return back and nor that she might have been the recent catch of another poacher. There are only 1411 tigers left, and by 2015 we fear that they might get locally extinct.

In 1972, shaking hands with the WWF (World Wild Life Fund) Indian government started the project tiger reserve in different parts of the country. There are all together 28 tiger reserves of which Sariska Reserve (Rajasthan), Panna Reserve (Madhya Pradesh) contributed most of the tiger population in the country, years back. Unfortunately, as what we have called the act of the poachers, there was not a single tiger left in the Sariska Reserve in 2005 and that the officials had to relocate few tigers from other reserves. And this is what exactly the experts are scared of and they fear that Panna Reserve might follow the footprints of what Sariska had left behind.

There might have been funds from the central government to check the cause of unaware missing and deaths of the tigers, and to tighten up the security of the reserves, but the activity of poaching has never stopped. Most of the Indian claim that China is the primary reason for the increasing alarming rate of the poachers and their activities. Though selling animals’ skins are quiet illegal, the poachers sneak through Nepal to China and sell the skins in a large sum. The bones are being sold, which are generally used in the manufactures of the medicines, and even the penises are served in a soup as an aphrodisiac.

The reserves are left upon the hands of the securities, who have become old and can hardly run, with .311 bullets to face the poachers who are armed with automatic machine gun. There has been no recruitment in the past twenty years. It is also believed that the forest corrupt officials are also involved in the illegal poaching of the animals and exporting their skins and body parts for money.

The forests are being cleared for human habitation which in turn the habitats of the mammals shrink into few square kilometers. And in the process, due to lack of prey and food, they start coming out of their mainland to the human habitation; leading into conflicts with humans and sometimes even fighting among themselves.

Once called The National Animal, tigers, are now facing the threat of extinction. Our national treasures are being looted away by some selfish poachers. Take the initiative to spread the awareness, speak up, so that they can roar with no fear of being hunted down. They are our national animal and remember there are only 1411 tigers left.

Rex Raman