#EndShaming: Going Under The Knife, Mostly Of Society


When Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma had a lip augmentation for a certain role in a film, criticisms and internet jokes poured in to mortify the actress. While she tackled all these attacks with utter grace, we got to thinking why cosmetic surgery is condemned and judged so profoundly.


If you’ve ever heard of make-up and know anything about it then you must be aware of all those lip liners and lip plumping balms which are widely used, recommended and appreciated by people, but if someone gets a surgery done for the same purpose that these make-up products serve, doom maybe dawned upon you!

Botox is another category of cosmetic surgery that is widely used. While some celebrities get it done, some hide it, some deny it, some boldly accept it, and some condemn it, you must know that it’s a medical procedure and anyone can get it done.

breast implant surgery

If one justifies denouncing cosmetic surgery by stating that women get it done because they’ve succumbed to the pressures of patriarchy, we’d like to ask them if they’ve heard the concept of personal choice?

Women aren’t the only ones who choose to undergo body modification, men opt for jawline augmentation, hair replacement, male breast reduction surgeries and much more. You wouldn’t accord patriarchy to them now would you? We repeat again, and in bold to drill this down their brains, PERSONAL CHOICE!


Cosmetic surgery and its related technologies came up because of the demand and the yearning to look younger and better and feeling the same because as age starts showing on your facial features or if you have wrinkles and all those facial lines you won’t be considered very attractive, supposedly . The only reason that such a taboo is attached to cosmetic surgery is that one goes under the knife to appear more sexual and sensual, which apparently, is a sin!

Also, isn’t there the accepted notion that once an actor or an actress start getting older and look like age has taken a toll on them, they’ll be offered lesser movies and their career will end as they age. Unless, ofcourse, you’re Amitabh Bachchan or Meryl Streep? So why the stigma?

What is so wrong in accentuating one’s own features, there’s no hard and fast rule to be absolutely happy with the characteristics that you were born with. Let’s face it, most of us want to change something or the other about ourselves;, phsycial, emotional, perceptive, to whatever domain it belongs to.

However, if someone gets up and does something about it, all hell breaks loose! Why does it affect us so much?  Its impact on our life will be zero, but can we abstain from gossiping and letting out our existential frustrations by shaming others? No! Although we should.

Go ahead and get that surgery done if you want to, don’t if you don’t want tp  and let others do it too if they like, without the fear of getting castigated.

Forget about what people have to say, for the only opinion that matters is your own!

Watch this space for more on our #EndShaming series.

Aamina Rahim

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