#EndShaming: Your Looks Do Not Say Who You Really Are


‘You know what? When I saw you the first time, I thought that you must be a girl-next-door kind of a being!’

Have you ever met a person for the first time and received reviews about your comportment on the basis of your mien? You may have come across this, as this happens to most of us many times. People judge you on what kind of clothes you wear, what hairstyle you carry and the top most judgement parameter, what “brand” of shoes or shades or clothes you wear.

Girls, especially, judge and get judged by others on the grounds of how one has dressed up and how one carries oneself.

We often make assumptions about a girl’s persona on the basis of that girl’s attire. If you are wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress or a Capresse handbag, then girl, you are rocking and you are out there. If you have bought something from the flee markets like “Sarojini” or “Kamla Nagar”, then you are quoted as “downmarket”.

Also, whenever we come across a girl in suit or slippers, that girl presumably, becomes a “bhenji”, in everyone’s eye.


Not just nature, but people often get judged upon their character because of what they are wearing. A woman wearing high heels and dark make-up becomes a slut for the society and “an easy target” according to many and a girl who is wearing something ethnic is the ultimate “marriage material” and quite possibly a virgin.

Even the men are not spared from this scrutiny. A guy with spikes and wearing a leather jacket is apparently a stud and a guy wearing spectacles is a geek or, an engineer. Wow!

Certifying a person’s character, behaviour, or conduct on the basis of how they look is not justified at all. A beautiful girl can have a mind of her own and she may not be obsessed with just eyeliners and other make-up stuff, and the girl you see in a “suit” is maybe that garrulous and independent woman that you have thought her not to be.

Wear what you like, and look how you want yourself to look and not how others want to see you as. Don’t wear a traditional dress to impress the relatives, don’t wear shorts to become an eye-candy in college, wear them if you approve of it yourself. Stop judging your own self on the basis of how you look and you will automatically stop judging others too.

Stop bragging about a branded thing that you bought just to look stylish. If you really want to add a brand to your looks, wear a bright smile, spread peace and have a positive perspective, brandish these labels, instead of the ones that you have to buy.

Just stop making presumptions about others on the basis of their physical appearance.

As an old saying goes, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’; we humans are like books, who are more than just our appearances.

Akanksha Sharma

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