Ennui at my bedside

Long months of summer

And sitting idle and tied

No hope for movement

Ennui at my bedside.

Paralyzed limbs, yes

But not paralyzed thought

Some freedom of observation

This immobility has begot.

My son- he watches over the bills

Like a hawk eyeing its prey

Hoping I’d die soon

He goes to the temple to pray.

He has no time for his wife

Nor for the kid does he care

Money is all is on his mind

Everything else- obscured by its glare!

She whispers into the phone

And flirts and smiles away

Thinking I can’t see, nor hear

What she does all day!

Now, the dear lady

Does no more like her man

She plans to run away from home

As speedily as she can!

The kid comes to my bedside

And strokes my hand all day

And smiles at me a toothless smile

Knowing not what’s stored in his way.

Innocent eyes move me –

To want to hold the child tight

To give him strength and love-

To set all the things right.

The maid, she steals the money

My son leaves at the table.

And she takes off the milk

For her kid in the cradle.

If I stay lucky

Then my tongue will stay tied

And I won’t betray

The things that I hide.

Sandhya Ramachandran