Enough is Enough!

This seems to be the extreme spectrum in terms of testing the patience of a nation and its citizens. The terror attacks raging in Mumbai, entering it 45th hour as this article is being written has been, and must be, the last straw of our tolerance towards any form of terrorism. The audacity of such terrorists to enter into our financial capital for an ill- tempered manhunt is something which cannot be tolerated with our very meek replies seen before. It is time to stand up and meet our fates, which is to fight, fight for our independence, fight for our citizens and fight to save our sanctity. Enough is enough; we need to finally push for the last frontier in our fight towards and with terrorism.

In this hour, our Prime Minister gives a robotic, insanely passive, dead and morose speech while addressing the nation. In this moment of complete profanity towards our sovereignty, the President addresses the nation in a very submissive tone while reading a pre-written speech which delivers the same content time after time when our men and women, who drive the nation daily, die without any fault of theirs. Where is our leadership? Is it time for our leaders, be it from the government or the opposition to speak from their sheltered houses, to call for useless conferences to address the nation. For what is this needed? Why do you need to visit the injured in the hospitals now when most of the security needs to be beefed up at the spots where the terrorists have hauled up themselves or are mercilessly killing the innocent? What will you do by meeting the injured? Yes Mr. Prime Minister, can we have answers? Answers we need, answers we desire for our peaceful sleep in the night, and answers we deserve to let our children and parents go to do their daily business in the cities knowing we will see them safely at the end of the day. Did it make any difference to the injured by your very plastic visit to them? Will you even remember the faces of these people after the election?

Let me pose a few questions. We compare ourselves to our western counterparts every day with hope of our equality to them. After the July bombings of London, have any other terror strikes occurred in the U.K.? Let us keep aside U.K., it is tiny in size as compared to the proportions of India. Has U.S.A. suffered any terror attacks on its own land after the 9/11 happenings? India is smaller in terms of size to the U.S.A. yet it cannot contain these terror traps. For God’s sake, we are the largest spenders in the world for defense equipments and ammunitions. Where are these purchases going? Where are these ammunitions being used? Of course I am well aware that most of them are being targeted towards Kashmir but how can the police in Gujrat and Maharashtra, the intelligence and the Indian navy lose track of a small rubber boat laden with well trained and planned terrorists who have the audacity to enter a foreign territory and create havoc and the worst terror attacks we have ever seen? How is it possible that our country and its leadership have tolerated attacks after attacks when the last straw should have been the very assault on our Parliament in 2001?

After 9/11 occurred, we, along with the world, decided to condemn U.S.A when they installed a complete screening device in their airports. It was their way of safeguarding themselves. What was wrong in it? It at least did not allow any more such attacks to be conducted on them. Why cannot we learn from them when we learn every thing else from them? We take up their accent, their entertainment, their foreign policy methods, their governance values but cannot learn the way they effectively and with single handed devotion and focus fight inland or international terrorism. Who are we trying to appease here by softening our stand day after day, year after year, and attack after attack? With what intentions does the Prime Minister give a speech about non-tolerance towards terrorism when in fact we have tolerated about a handful since they have come into power. With what convenience does Mr.L.K. Advani address a press conference when in fact our symbol of democracy, our greatest strength and the joy of our representation to the world, the Parliament was daringly attacked under their regime?

It is time we stand up to what is truly ours, peace. It is what we deserve. We have led our citizens, our democracy and our foreign policy with peace and courtesy. We deserve the same and if we are not getting it in return, which is incidentally the bitter fact, we need to fight for our right. Our neighbour has done enough damage and time and again got past us because we dared to continue peacefully, but it is high time we stop the same and fight with our guns. Words have been spoken, hands have been shook, files and paperwork on peace have been exchanges and enough of these measures have been taken. It is time for affirmative action.

It is an appeal here that the leadership of this country does what is needful that is to truly be aggressive – aggressive in our dialogue, in our ultimatums and in our action. It is time to fight. The time for soft dialogues has gone. This has to be the last straw.

Sayan Supratim Das.

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