Entangled by Tangled

Tangled, the 50th animated feature film is one of the newest additions to the Disney movie family list. This musical animation film was released in 2010, and has been nominated for the Oscars.  Tangled is nothing but a new version of one of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, largely based on the very famous Rapunzel. The story Rapunzel was published in 1812 as part of the Children’s and Household Tales. The original story is about a little girl who was kidnapped by an enchantress as a baby and was kept locked in a tower which had only one room and a window. The enchantress took the child as the father had stolen radishes from her garden for his wife who was pregnant and really hungry. The man was caught but in return for his release she asked him to handover their child when it was born. The man agreed out of desperation but had decided not to do so. But ultimately Dame Gothel took her away when she found out and raised Rapunzel as her own. While she was locked up in the tower her hair kept on growing and it was used by Gothel as a rope to climb up the tower as it did not have a door. One day a prince was riding by and heard a divine voice singing, which ultimately led to her discovery and to the rest of the story.

The new movie featuring the voice of Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel and is directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. The movie was slated to be released as Rapunzel but was changed to ‘tangled’ a little time before its release. The movie though based on the fairytale has been changed in many parts and it is the most expensive animation movie till date.

One day the old mother Gothel sees a drop of pure sunlight hit the ground which ultimately turns into a magical golden flower with the ability to heal the wounded. Keeping the discovery a secret she uses it to keep herself young by singing to it every now and then, but one day the queen of a neighbouring kingdom falls ill during pregnancy. Fearing the fatal results of the sickness, the king orders his guards to find the whereabouts of the flower.

Once it was found, a broth was made out of it, which cures the queen on drinking and she gave birth to a healthy pretty baby girl with beautiful golden hair. In order to celebrate this happy occasion the king announces to fly lanterns in the sky on the day of the child’s birth. Mother Gothel obsessed with keeping young breaks into the castle one night and tries to cut a piece of the girl’s hair strand which contained the powers. But she finds out much to her dismay that the hair loses power once it is cut and turns brown. Therefore Gothel kidnaps the baby and brings her up as her daughter by keeping her locked up in a tower. Sad at the sudden disappearance of their only child both the king and queen every year send up floating lanterns in the sky on Rapunzel’s birthday.

Over the years Rapunzel stays in the tower with her only friend, a chameleon. Her hair also keeps growing as she is forbidden to cut it by Gothel, who visits her often and keeps her youth by making Rapunzel sing the song. She notices the phenomenon of the lanterns which occurs every year and becomes curious about it. So on her eighteenth birthday she requests Gothel to take her to see it but she is refused to be brought out of the tower. One day a thief by the name of Flynn Rider takes shelter in the tower. He had just escaped after having stolen the royal tiara, but gets hit down by Rapunzel. She makes a pact with him to return his bag on the condition that he must take her to see the lanterns. After many hesitations Flynn agrees, and they set out on an adventure which changes Rapunzel’s life completely from thereafter.

It is not very clear as to how Mother Gothel comes to know that she must sing in order to bring out the powers of the flower. But decorated with beautiful songs and good voiceovers by accomplished actors the movie is a must watch for both the young and the old. It is a delightful modification and at the end of it you do become ‘tangled’ by its magic and beauty.

Madhurima Ganguly

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