Entertainment: Value for Money?

Walt Disney said that he never called his work ‘art’. His job was the showbiz, the business of building entertainment. It is the importance of showbiz which is highlighted these days in every industry. Every industry be it FMCG’s or core entertainment industry is aiming to create fun out of everything, because the managers have realized that it is this entertainment which will get the green moolah in the consumers pockets rolling and will finally make their product/service successful. We are no longer in the age of information – that age has been crossed ages ago. It’s the entertainment age we are living in now. And it’s this fun element which is garnished on the salad of management by the gurus as the biggest success mantra.

The rise in the importance given to entertainment is quite proportionate to the rise in the entertainment industry in the past few years. It’s the age where the two E’s have merged and a combination of them is served on the platter to the masses – education and entertainment. The best illustration can be seen the growing use of visual aids used in the classrooms today. Many B-schools use the medium of cinema to teach the students important concepts like leadership, motivation and so on. Also Theatre as a medium is used as a teaching aid. The best and the most common activity used in management which is influenced by stage is role play.

Entertainment as a tool for management has a great value and there would be no denying in the fact that many industries are flourishing and sustaining because of their entertainment quotient. The huge bucks spend on advertisement can be taken as a proof for this. There are many factors leading to this. Let’s take one at a time.

First of all it is the free and open media which has led to the growing importance of entertainment. Media in the past few years has grown, stretched and broadened its wings; leaving an impression on each sector. Media now is used as a tool; a tool of utmost bearing in the entertainment age. Adding to this is the media penetration, its reach and its ability to numb the senses of the audience. The best way to look at this effect is the advertisements of products in cinema. A 40 MM screen advertising your product by a medium loved by the masses, ‘Bang’ that’s a score!