Environment Dying

The concrete jungle

The world is fast becoming a concrete jungle and it’s a pity that mankind, the so called protector of Mother Nature is responsible for its degradation.

Yes, our environment is dying! And the world is in deep slumber. Ever so busy, with the materialistic world, mankind is moving towards tragedy. A calamity is fast approaching us and it’s an irony that only a handful of people have sensed the danger.

These words may sound depressing and create fear but can we run away from the reality? Gone are the days where lush green forests used to cover the beautiful planet, when the beautiful sparking rivers used to enchant a beholder, when the chirping of the birds was a poet’s delight, when we used to enjoy the chilly winter fog , the gentle warmth of the summer sun, the morning dew drops, the thunder showers……

Alas, these lines can only be found in a poet’s dreamy thoughts. The stark reality is shocking but so busy is the hustling-bustling city life that we fail to identify the crisis.

Residential and commercial buildings are replacing natural green lands, human in search for land is encroaching the natural habitat of the fauna and the flora, hazardous wastes can be seen littered in streets, toxic chemicals being dumped in water bodies, industrial wastes polluting agricultural lands, deforestation and mining depleting the once fertile lands of its precious minerals… the list goes on. Man in search of industrial and economic growth is mercilessly toying with the delicate ecological balance.

To arrest the downfall, immediate action needs to be taken. Else it will be a case of too little too late. But who needs to take the action? Whose responsibility it is?

The answer-mine, yours, ours, everybody’s ! After all everyone who is a global citizen has a duty towards the planet.

Much can be done through small and big measures. At the international level, we need to move beyond the eco-summits, we need to move beyond paper – agreements. A consensus has to be developed to stop Carbon emission. Mass awareness needs to be generated about the ecological-threat the planet is facing. Multinational industries need to be roped in and active participation on their behalf should be ensured- be it by limiting carbon emissions, finding alternative sources of energy, ensuring waste-treatment before disposal etc.

At a smaller scale, individual actions can be taken. We need to establish a green-culture among the masses, where individuals not only plant new trees periodically but ensure their regular upkeep. A tradition of using eco-friendly goods, recycling wherever possible, using naturally made jute bags as against plastic bags, judicious use of paper and several other steps can be taken.

Growth is necessary. The developing countries can’t be stopped from growing the way developed countries grew, but time has come ,when we have to think of alternative sources of growth-for our very own survival.

And for a change, science and technology-often the destructor of mother earth can come to the rescue, as a planet-savior.

The growth of natural sources of energy as substitutes of fossil fuels-wind energy, tidal energy, bio-mass energy and the latest –nuclear energy , using ‘hydrogen’ as energy source , are indeed a step in the positive direction.

All is not lost. With systematic, collaborative, integrated efforts from all parts, we can still avoid doomsday.

But time is ticking, and mankind for its very own survival has to act. And ACT NOW.

Rohit Kumar Singh