Environment is dying

It is winters of December 2011; People are still waiting for snowfall in London. The temperature is still wavering around 16 degrees Celsius in the last week of the year. Year on year this temperature rise will continue to warm the citizens of the world as the ghost of global warming is spreading its wings. We feel it everyday, every moment. Yet there is nothing substantial that is being done on an individual basis.

Definition of global warming has been repeatedly elucidated in various news articles, books and publishing. Still it makes sense to add its description here before taking the discussion any further. Global warming refers to the continual increase in temperature of earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse effect as it is most commonly known causes such heating of the earth. According to this phenomenon, the heat and light emitted by sun gets trapped on earth and is unable to escape the atmosphere resulting into incessant rise in temperature. This concept is very similar to heating up of a car on a hot summer afternoon. The heat enters the car but is unable to escape its metal body. As per the projection, the phenomena will remain persistent going ahead. And unfortunately there’s no sign of cooling down!

So who is responsible for the irreversible climate change? WE ARE!

It is we, who are accountable for causing such damage to earth’s atmosphere. How? The pollution emanating from our vehicles is a result of combustion of fossil fuel, which transfuses into atmosphere as it is warn and light in nature. This gas called CO2 contributes most to global warming together with other harmful gases like methane and nitrous oxide. It is not just vehicles, green house gases and poisonous gases also emerge from chimneys of factories and go straight in to the atmosphere. It is observed, that a molecule of methane gas produces more than 20 times of heating as compared to that of CO2, making it lethal for earth and its residents. Besides, various green house gases have different type of heat trapping attributes.

Earlier, CFC’s (Chloro Flouro Carbons) were also causing the damage, however now they have been banned in most part of the world due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer causing it to deplete.

So what happens to the species even if temperature rises? We are still surviving … aren’t we? Well this is pretty close to being selfish! Humans are lucky in this aspect… but how long will our luck walk with us… There are species which needs a specific temperature to survive. But as the climatic conditions change, they lose their natural living conditions and die…  For humans it comes as a warming! Water, which is supposed to be freely available for everybody will soon need lockers and tankers to be stored in! With Global warming, the temperature rises, which evaporates the water and depletes the ice cap of polar region. So as this process of heating continues, sources of water will also start to dry. This raises significant questions on sustainability of water supplies in the coming decades. According to a recent study by consulting firm Tetra Tech for the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), about 1,100 counties would be highly susceptible to water shortages by mid-century

Well there always is… Even though alarm bells are ringing, we can still offer our contribution to the planet. Let’s go green in every way. Most industries have cut down on CFC’s and are rewarded with carbon credits if they use environment friendly raw material to manufacture their products. As per our bit, we can cut pollution from our vehicles by getting them checked regularly. Carmakers can put to use cleaner technology to produce fuel efficient cars and other vehicles. Besides, we can also save electricity in our homes by switching off power when not in use…  There are unlimited way we can contribute, but it is essential that we realize, that every step towards cleaner energy is only going to increase the life of our planet and consequently ours as well.

Shreya Agarwal