Environmental Issues and Human Beings

Environment – the gift of nature given by God, which includes everything that is natural; not artificial. The environment is exploited by human beings for their own benefits and it is increasing day by day. As a result of increasing interference of human activities, environment has started reacting back through number of natural calamities.


There are various environmental issues which are due to human beings. The government has been taking large number of steps in the form of various regulations, policies, etc to reduce such issues to a minimum. The issues starts with climate change, which is most crucial problem faced globally. Each and every nation all over the world is making its attempt to overcome climate change.


Global warming is due to greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, pollution resulting from automobiles, waste water disposal, noise, etc. Global Warming and its projected consequences have made all the nations apprehensive and are taking effective steps like introduction of biofuels, bioenergy generation, and use of solar cells for energy generation, nuclear electricity production, etc to bring it under control.


Ozone depletion resulting from emission of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), fluorocarbons and others coming from various chemical and solvent industries ultimately causes UV rays of the sun to enter into the earth atmosphere. These UV rays penetrate into skins of human beings which may lead to carcinogenic reactions. The government has brought Environment Protection Act (EPA) to control on the release of these gases as well as hazardous solvent into the atmosphere.


Pollution – air traffic is increasing day by day, resulting into increase in air pollution. Due to lack of proper sewage system, lack of awareness among people, release of hazardous pollutants in the water have resulted into water pollution which is quite evident from increased number of fishes found killed. Noise pollution is due to useless blowing of horns, playing of loudspeakers in public places, etc. Thus government is playing key role in air pollution through its regulatory body, water pollution as well as noise pollution by putting various stringent restrictions to have control on it.


The extinction of various plant animal species is also big environmental issues and even though human being is making exploitation of the same to reap out profits. Rare plant varieties which are of importance and threatening animal species are explored more as they can yield high profits, so government is providing natural environment to animals in various national parks and centuries where they can be prevented from extinction.


The mineral resources, coal and petroleum products are also exploited to maximum extent as they are of very high value and high demand. After short period of time, these all resources would be no more so research and technology is working to find out the new ways to substitute these sources by renewable sources which would be available unlimited. Often times, poverty of resources is used as an excuse for blatant disregard for the environment, something that seems to be absurd in the long run.


Due to interference of human beings beyond the limits have resulted into various serious issues; the environment have started giving feedback against excessive exploitation through various natural calamities due to disturbance in normal working conditions of the environment. The steps taken by environment like earthquake, floods, drought, Tsunami, etc would not allow even rescue where everyone become hapless and miserable.


Finally, if human crosses the threshold limit set up by environment until which it tolerates, the reactions would be so impactful that no one would be able to confront it.


Akash Singhvi

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssanyal/2876162837/]