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After a rather disappointing second episode, Culture Machine published the third instalment of Alisha, and it seems like the Gods/creators have heard our cry for help. A vintage purse, an unresolved fashion mystery lying under wraps for 50 years and waiting to be solved by our darling detective is the essence of this third episode.

In the beginning of the episode, Alisha and her sidekick Tanny are desperately looking for a new mystery to solve and Alisha dodges every suggestion that Tanny has with one line answers, as of course, our fashion detective is quick and witty. No mystery seems worthy of attention for Alisha until she stumbles upon an ancient riddle.

Amidst a conversation with Tanny’s grandmother, Alisha finds out about an expensive age-old purse- The Gatsby Golden Mesh that was stolen from Granny at a Christmas party years ago. And without wasting any time, our sleuth and her cheeky partner set out on a mission to scoop out the precious purse and serve the much deserved justice to sweet Granny, who is rather disinterested about the forgotten purse but will this stop our detective? No! Nevertheless, she is adamant and we like it!


Lianne Texeira plays the role of Alisha

Going through old photos and visiting forgetful senior citizen friends of Granny’s, Alisha tries hard to look for clues, she gets transported to a Christmas party that happened fifty years ago but gets stuck at a dead end and the purse is nowhere to be found.

Alas, one of Granny’s friend has an eureka moment about the party and tells Alisha about having noticed something odd about the party, he recalls that there was a fight regarding the purse, let us tell you that this purse is the real deal, with its current worth rounding up to a hefty five lakhs rupees!

Jazzy music starts to play in the background and our dynamic-duo start their scavenging, getting into brawls with old aunties and a snatch-chase which turns out to be futile because Alisha picks up the wrong bag! Ah! A detective mystery with twin twists! Since this episode is longer than the last one, we have a lot of time to build up the excitement which me missed out on during the previous episode.

Do not worry, we won’t tell you how the episode ends, that is for you to see, all we can tell you is that the end is a curiously cute one, which is strange for a detective mystery but it suits the plot and Alisha saves the day again!

This web series is picking up pace as we wanted it to and who doesn’t love the blend of trendy shades and an edgy storyline. Also, we get to see more of Tanny in this episode, her character brings crazy fun in the frame. ‘That’s So Vintage’ has restored our faith in Alisha and we’re eagerly waiting for the next seven episodes.

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