Ethically Hacked


I often wonder what meaning do moral values and ethics hold in the modern era, where every second day, every second hour, every second minute they are trampled without the slightest of consideration towards them. Are they only confined for merely constituting the talking bit that we do? Or is there a brighter, more believable side to it?

We talk about things being ethically done, but that I suppose is not the keyword for the new generation. Rather, perspectives have changed. What seems morally unfair or unjust to us might be just as fair to the one doing it. For some, getting involved in a fraudulent act with a fraud might be the best and a fair way; for some, it might be ethically impermissible.

Consider yourself; the exam papers are being distributed in the class. You find out that yours is the highest marks in the class but after reviewing your paper, you learn that there is a totaling mistake and if corrected, you, no longer retain the highest marks and the top rank. This is a very common instance that you might have encountered, what did you do? Did you approach the teacher and go through the morally right path, even if it meant you relinquishing the top spot? Or, did you ride on the human error made?

A very trivial example posed here, but it can be extrapolated to situations in life, where choosing the morally right thing may not always be favourable. What decision we take always rests with our perception of right and wrong. It is whether our conscience allows us to take the not-ethically-correct road or not.

Throughout our lives we find instances when people followed the morally not-so-right path and succeeded, which makes us go for it even more. Remember the childhood days, when lying meant so big an offence, when morals were held in high esteem, when being truthful wasn’t seen as a virtue. As we grew up, we saw life, and learnt it, the hard way. Today, we don’t hesitate before lying, and masquerade it with umpteen numbers of reasons; sometimes circumstances, sometimes for the benefit of others, and sometimes for self-beneficiary causes. Being at crossroads with moralistic ways is not something that has come up recently, it has emerged, gradually.

Having an eye which seeks profit in everything that we do is what has given birth to immoral ways of doing things. The ever so growing competition and the race to conquer all are blinding us of the righteous ways of doing things. Sometimes, I feel, by the time we’ll reach our destination and look at what we have done in reaching there, we will realize that we are at a point of no return having chosen the immoral road when we had a diversion between the ethical and the unethical one.

Well, I believe that morality and values still exist today, yes, in a meager amount though. With the whole scenario around us getting so dirty, I believe going a bit on the immoral side is not bad as long as our conscience allows us. Respect in our own eyes should not be lost for the sake of winning in another race.

Animesh Ganguly

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