Ethnic Clothing – The New Choice!

What’s up with people when they wear those Sunday Monday slippers or the inverse earrings? They are struck by the newest trend in the fashion world-namely the mix and match…fashion has such an impact on the current generation that we breath fashion. Not just that we eat in fashion (Mac Donald’s and pizza huts) drink in fashion (Budweiser and Kingfisher) and of course dress in fashion (the 100 brands we get from all over the world)…fashion is no longer a limited term but a broad concept that includes being conscious not just about what you were but also about how you carry it.

Be it the bandanas or the tucked in shirts trend, fashion has become a part and parcel of one’s life. The old notion of only rich and the starlets wearing fashionable clothes has now been proven wrong due to places like colaba causeway and hill road where we can buy a fake Gucci or a Louis Vuitton…it’s really intriguing to watch the change in fashion as per the current trends in Bollywood. In India actors are gods and have followers who adopt each and every style statement of theirs including the hairdo or the makeup irrespective of whether it suits them or not…While we talk about fashion we mainly talk about clothing. The varieties of fabrics available today give us a wide scope to experiment with our favorite one. Also clothes and art have now become inseparable. Ethnic clothing is gaining popularity in the recent times among every age group. Be it the floral tunics or the fancy embroidered scarves, organic and simple are the two words in today’s fashion trend. The simpler the costlier…Also smooth and neat fabrics like cotton and linen provide great comfort. This is one of the, major reasons for collegians opting for such comforting fabrics…Also those wanting to experiment more and give a sub traditional look in their casuals, they have loads of options. They can team a simple knit work or block printed kurti with leggings (for girls) and some plain colored kurtas with jeans (for boys).

Also the current trend is to wear cute resham bordered chappals or in case of boys the great ancient kolhapuri chappals are the best thing to choose. Teaming up a bordered jacket on a smart kurta is another trend among men. These fabrics ensure comfort especially during the hot summers in india. While many brands and apparel shops have a wide variety of colors and patterns in ethnic wear, the most preferred ones are bright hues of yellow, pink, and blue. Wearing sleeveless tunics over jeans or over a pair of Capris is also a trendy option.

Something that we cannot overlook while thinking about the clothing are the accessories. The right usage of accessories gives the dress a nice look and at times enhances the look. A nice piece of beaded neckpieces would do magic on a plain colored kurti. The current trend is to wear long chains with stylish pendants that go well with westerns as well as with ethnic clothing…correct understanding of fashion is not about reading vogue or witnessing the hundred fashion weeks but about wearing what suits you, carrying it well and above all wearing what is comfortable!

Ankita Bhatkhande