Euthanasia- A Boon or a Bane?

euthanasia1.jpgIt is still a very controversial subject. No one can say for sure whether euthanasia is a good way of ending the agony of the terminally ill or a sinister method of bringing someone’s life to an unnatural, abrupt end. It is argued that man cannot play God and hence cannot decide when someone’s life should be brought to a halt. It may also be abused by doctors and family members of the patient to meet their vested interests. Yes, it is possible that euthanasia can be put to such a heinous use.

But what about all those terminally ill patients who have been on life support for way too long? What about the people who have become mere dummies with their faculties impaired. Very few would wish to exist in this fashion. Every human being deserves to live a life of dignity. Everyone wants to live a life which he or she can sculpture with their hard work and actions. Nobody wishes to be reduced to the status of a parasite.

Think of all those people who are on the edge of senility due to accidents or strokes or age. Most of these people who are now invalids were very active in the hay days. They lived their lives with dignity; they were strong people who did not have to depend on others for their mere survival and upkeep. They lived their lives with panache, faced every storm and fought all obstacles. And many of them were once upon a time looked up to, revered for their strength and vigor. Hardly any of these people would have imagined themselves bedridden, feeble and defenseless for the rest of their lives. I have myself seen people who were very active, who embraced life and its challenges become helpless victims of some unfortunate event like an accident or a brain stroke. In an instant, their world altered completely, nothing remaining the same, not even they themselves. Many of them spent unending days in hospitals. Their families prayed for a miracle, to return the good old days. Yes, miracles do happen at times but they are few and far in between. Most of these people can never be the same again. Many critical patients fight it out, refusing to succumb to what ails them, but at times they lose out. Many make it out of the critical zone but very few get back what they lost. Many of these become mere skeletons of their old selves. They hang precariously between life and death. They become living corpses. They are like infants, completely oblivious to what goes on around them. They often cannot comprehend their own actions. They become dependent on others and require care and watch 24*7.What is the purpose of such a life? It’s like watching life slip by as one becomes helpless. What is the point of living a life one cannot control?I’m sure no one would fancy existing like this. What is the purpose of a life you cannot live? Isn’t it better to administer Euthanasia to them then prolonging their agony? These people become the object of other people’s pity and mercy. Isn’t it better to free these people of a life of impending death, a life of pain and anonymity and incessant suffering?I think Euthanasia is a blessing in disguise for such people. Wouldn’t you rather that one of your loved one’s died with dignity than force them to live a life they’d want to escape? Apurva Joshi

[Image Courtesy: Rich_Lem, Flickr]