Every Child is Special!

children.bmp Children’s day is a special day for children. Universally, Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, every year. But in India, it is celebrated on 14th November, because it marks the birth anniversary of legendary freedom fighter and independent India’s first Prime Minister – Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. As a tribute to Nehru and his love for children, Children’s Day is celebrated on his birth anniversary. This is a day for each and every one of us, to renew our commitment to the welfare of children and teach them to live by the values upheld by their very own Chacha Nehru. He was fondly referred to as Chacha Nehru by the children. Children and roses were next to his heart. In fact he started to wear a rose on his jacket after a child pinned a rose on his jacket. He often stated that children were like the flowers in a garden and they should be carefully nurtured. He said the children’s are the future and foundation of a nation. Every one should keep an eye on the little joys and sorrows that afflict their precious lives. For Nehru children’s were little adults in the making. Nehru’s concern for children is well-known, he once said, “Our one goal, our bounden duty, is to gift the future of India – our children – a country filled with peace and tranquility.”

Most schools organise cultural programs on this the day, with the students managing everything. All over the country, various cultural, social, and even corporate, institutions conduct competitions for children. Children’s Day is a day for children to engage in fun and frolic. Teachers of the school perform songs and dances for their students. Various competitions like quizzes and fancy dress competitions are organized on this day. Children are also treated to a movie and lunch. Television networks have in recent years started to air special programs all day long for kids on November 14, making this day a special treat.

But the fact remains that only a section of the country’s children actually have an opportunity to celebrate their existence. Schools organize events and activities that their students thoroughly enjoy, but there is an entire populace of young ones that are left ignored on this special day – the downtrodden street children. Instead of confining our celebrations to schools and clubs and hotels, why not reach out and make a difference to the lives of children who are not as privileged as us. While celebrating being a child, the fortunate ones should be reminded about their good fortune in having all that they are blessed with, while there are others who can barely feed or cloth themselves. Thus, while this day was globally instituted to provide children with Basic Rights, even if we cannot do that on our own, we can contribute in our own little way. Parties and celebrations happen all the time but this time let us all try and do something thoughtful for those children who are not as fortunate as us and make them feel special by giving them a small gift or maybe just a simple happy children’s day wish. It will surely bring a smile to their faces and trust me you will feel very happy with this simple act of yours.

Aastha Khurana