Everything Goes

‘The situation is turbulent but is normal and under control’. This sentence appears quite often in governmental statements. When a turbulent situation is expressed to be normal, then it only means that it has been accepted that the situation is normal. Such remarks are generally made by officials of various authorities but this whole issue of abnormality of normality needs to be given a thought – as this affects us citizens directly.

Today the rampant price rise, which has shaken the seemingly booming middle class of the country is said to be an international problem, and thus the general public is asked to keep its calm. It was when corruption had reached its zenith and was spreading like volcanic lava, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi called it an international problem the adversary of which was felt by nations all over, it was expected of the people to accept the situation. The present generation is witnessing something of the same sort.

According to a recent report released by Transparency International and Centre for Management Studies, states of Bihar, U.P., and Assam had corruption level that are dangerous, followed by the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Rajasthan where corruption levels were very high. Then there are states of Delhi, Manipur and Kerala where Corruption-o-meter stops at high. The very existence of these levels, from the Dangerous stage to high level Stage indicates how precariously the roots of this deadly epidemic are widespread. But the other part of the report blatantly implies mockery of the civil society, the corruptions levels in states of Haryana, Chandigarh and West Bengal are told to be normal. The idea of considering a certain level of corruption as an aspect of normalcy means how easily we have fallen prey to a phenomenon that stems our our own behavior.

It is incorrect to call turbulent situation normal, in the same manner it is immoral to accept corruption the way it is. The danger of a situation where the level of corruption is considered normal is manifold when compared to the actual dangerous level of corruption. This deceptive perception related to normalcy and our level of acceptance poses a grave question to our thinking and attitude. Any level of corruption is not normal. Although it is believed that one should forbid crime and not the criminal but in case of corruption the corrupt beings of the society should be banished. The sorry state is such that it is seldom that actions are taken against the corruption causing elements, and the ones against whom actions are taken do not even fear the scenario of not being accepted in the society.

Our attitude and outlook need alteration now; it is us who have to speak against anything unjust and unlawful. We have to stir the morality within us and work as our own moral police and protect our social environment from getting ruthlessly polluted. The time is now and the Power is OURS.

Aditya Sinha

Image Source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/watchsmart/1402363280/