Everything Natural, But Us!

Millions of centuries have passed in this beautiful but uncertain world. At times I wonder what makes and lets us survive on a planet covered almost three fourths of its surface with nothing but vast lakes of water, do we realize how fortunate we are, what is the importance of having this earth as our home? Let us honestly ask ourselves this one question, are we doing enough to face the catastrophe we are building? Maybe we might not face everything of it when we wake up tomorrow, the repercussions of our acts are definitely endless and none are less serious. We humans believe we are different, this thought has dominated our psyche. But in what good way, that is an amusing and baffling mystery by itself.

A hundred odd species of flora and fauna here in Karnataka face extinction and have made it to the Red Data Book says one of the newspapers of today. The news did not surprise me much. I shall not opine about the scientific facts and figures, they are beyond my boundaries of knowledge and familiarity. Being a part of the apparently normal human population all I have come to know is that we are in a deplorable process of degrading our natural habitat and our serious challenge is nothing, but we ourselves.

There exists a fine line between living and interfering with nature. We do not have the right to turn other beings into orphans or make them extinct just because we have an extraordinary privilege and capability of using all resources possible.We need some good measuring tapes for our accountability. Nature is not defenseless, while we meddle with its dynamics it is undergoing a silent and bitter metamorphosis. We already have seen enough tell tale signs.

Policies, rules, protected areas, conservation campaigns, research, funds and what not have we made? Most of these are for our relief and safety and more so to satisfy the guilt, we have just started fearing our woebegone acts. We must understand that it is not our sympathies alone that shall help.The earth does not need us, we need it. So the conflicts that we create, the less the better. The end of centuries of civilizations is not far if we do not come to terms with this fact. Nature will find a way. It always has because it has no restraints. It is we who have to adopt those virtues of gratitude, temper and adaptabilty.

The world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider’s web. If you touch one thread you send shudders running through all the other threads. We are not just touching the web; we are tearing great holes in it – Gerald Durrell

Raksha Bhat

A Doctor by instinct and a Bookworm by desire who believes words in any form is one of the best methods of healing. To write is to explore,to connect. And that is what A Canary’s Diary is all about.

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