Excavating Man

There is one common thing between an arrogant power and God. Both are eternal. God is, ‘eternity to eternity.’ Man’s eternity is between zero and one. Moreover, this is to be remembered.

The fog of lies around the lofty pillars of the world’s authorized institutions of humanitarian principles has drowned the effervescent spirit of the utopian dreamer. The wings of imagination have stopped to flap. Fables of the better world stay only in children’s books. Our sleep, in the western customized manner, has helped breathing survive. Rumi defines man as a beautiful word uttered by God, to Dostoyevsky man can best be defined by his ability to get used to anything. If both weren’t true, there would have been no Edison or men like Crusoe. Both thinkers place us on the brink of a confrontation of the ideal and the real, but what can’t be ignored is the fact that greats have also lived under the sun. To take our ‘fallen state’ as an irrevocable order of our times, gives strength to the theory of a meaningless world.

Most people are dreamers but few men have juggled with their aspirations of a world of great ideals. Why has world come to depend on the whims and fancies of a few mad men in authority? To realize his dreams, the dreamer must wake to the reality that men, however endless are still men. What is done to people is of little importance compared to what is done to their psychologies and perceptions. The transition has been not only gradually sinking its roots deep but also assuming an inordinate sphere of influence. What should have come from the supple grey of the brain, have sunken deep into the hollow labyrinth of the belly.

Outright lies are masquerading in the guise of diplomatic terms – coercive diplomacy, protecting democracies, saving civilizations and what not. The burden of creativity, that lies place on their inventors, is hard to quantify. The limits of the possible, to give legs to lies, are drunk to the dregs. Right causes, ones that speak aloud, and ones that are uncertain of their legitimacy because of ignorance are equally trampled. Kashmir is a cause that knows itself like an intellectual whose mind watches itself. The Indian problem is the problem of those Indians who are, in Kafka’s words, condemned not only in innocence but also in ignorance. Their hearts are made to swell on various days of importance yet sounds from empty bellies are sadly mingled in the joy of the Independence Day trumpets.

Growth models are like beauty pageants that become frizzy in the real world. All economic interests revolve around the share of a poor man in the economic cake, or if he has no share, what he needs to do to earn his share. Let us digress for the moment. On 21st Dec 2001, the then NDA govt., after 13 Dec attack on the parliament, propelled the Indian Security Forces to the Indo-Pak border. The reason being the incontrovertible evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the 13 Dec attack, proved by Mohammad Afzal Guru’s illegal confession extracted under torture. The result of this procession of activities was an expenditure of Rs. 10000 crore. Why did not the war start at all and what was this incontrovertible evidence?

So do we still need to keep ourselves informed, from news channels and newspapers that are engaged in alien movements and newspapers that tell us everything of corporate wars, and never give a whiff of what is done to people’s resources.

Who to follow in this political jumble? Dr. Sir M.Iqbal comes to our aid with these lines,

Keep away from democracy and follow the perfect man,

For the intellect of 200 asses cannot bring forth a single man’s thought.

Yasir Yousuf  Bhat

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aneswede/549353278/]