Excessively shrewd? Eh?!

Someone teaches you something each day… people from all walks of life telling you something, an incident happens leaving you with a lesson learnt for a lifetime.

Today it was a story I heard. I would like to re-tell it here for the sake of people who come across it to hear and also in the light that people who read it will for some reason learn from it. In this life the path you choose may be beneficial for you but it may not always be better for you.

“Once upon a time there was a King who was old and weary. He was about to retire from his work and as health would permit probably life too. He had two sons, the likely heirs to his throne. He had to divide his property among the two. He didn’t want to take the pains of thinking and making a decision so he opted for the easy way around. He asked the first son to divide the property into two appropriate parts keeping the condition that the second gets to choose which share he wants first.”

In many ways life too is like that. So next time you are given to choose make sure you make a wiser decision and not the better one! Selfishness gets you nowhere in life. Things don’t always work well for the smarter man, but rather for the man who stops and thinks for his fellow mates. Reflect upon it for a while.

Somya Tewari

She is a student presently pursuing her under-graduate program from NIFT. She loves reading and likes to express herself in minimum of words…