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When did you first start designing cars?


And how did you get into this business of designing?

I felt that I was able to deliver to the simple human psyche of I and you wanting change, because we are bored very easily. And I thought that if I did do that in cars, I could never go out of business and I would never be hungry, at the very least!

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement till date?

I don’t think that I have achieved much, yet. I think the biggest achievement is to be recognized by people like you – as somebody who is worth emulating. And you are interviewing me, so I feel good. I must have achieved something for you to be interviewing me!

How was your experience designing the car for James Bond in ‘Die Another Day’?

I am not going to comment on that. I am bound by contract.

Tell us something about the ‘Ambierod’ and how you got into it.It’s a car which is inspired by the Ambassador. We look forward to it, as we realised that we had to make people stop in their tracks and say ‘Wow! It is our own car. It’s the ambassador!’ And it was a relentless desire to compete with the world’s best car. We said that we can do it, and its all about attitude. This car is a reflection of attitude. Because you guys can also do it! We are second to none.

Do our hearts beat any slower than the Italians or the Americans? Its all about attitude. Life is all about attitude.

Of course! We can see that. It’s right in front of our eyes – beautiful! And when did you start production for this car?

Six months ago.

Now that you’ve started production in a big way, would you go more into that and less into designing?

No. That’s a separate set of skills. Separate group of engineers. We’ll go more into designing. Designing is all about the nest battleground.

What are plans of expanding DC Auto mobiles nationally and internationally?

Yes, that’s on the list.

We read in an interview of yours, where you said that you want to start an automotive school. How is that coming along?

It’s well on its way and the first courses start in August 2009.

Where is it based?

In Pune.

And what message do you have for our readers – the youth of India?

The world is about super specialization. You don’t have to follow the generic stream to make a living like a lawyer, doctor or a businessman. Just follow what you love doing. You love styling hair, so be it, because there is global opportunity. You have to go to work feeling that you are on a holiday, not because you want to work to make a living. That is my message.