Expectations from Miss Mamta Banerjee

We, the people from Kolkata have got great expectations from the newly appointed Chief Minister of West Bengal Kumari Mamta Banerjee. There was a time when people said “Bihar ka kuch nahi hoga” but see today where Bihar is. Sri Nitish Kumar, the hon’ble chief minister of Bihar has done wonders for the state and today Bihar is well on the path of development.

No one could think of this even in his wildest dreams. Similarly, Sri Narendra Modi, Mrs Sheila Dixit, Mr Naveen Patnaik and even Sri Tarun Gogoi are working tirelessly for their respective states. Mamtadi has shown some glimpses that she is willing to work and true, she has got vice like grip on her ministers to get the work done. The most important thing, the political will to work is visible and that might be the icing on the cake for people of Bengal. But these are early days, we should not be judgmental so early in her tenure. We need to give her space and time and cooperation to implement her policies. Some of us are worried that she should follow the footsteps of Raj Thackrey in promoting the Aamar Bangla slogan. This is the least we expect from her.

Secondly Mamatadi is yet to prove her administrative capabilities. We have seen her working as railway minister which is not yet all convincing. May be it was because of her single minded approach of any how getting the throne of Bengal. Whatever may be the reason but railway budget is in mess at least what is visible from present status. Mamatadi is no doubt is a very good, sincere and honest leader but as is the saying you cannot run business with nicety. She has to take some tough decisions if she is really intent to work wonders for Bengal, a place fighting for its lost glory. Industries are sick, no more additional investment is visible, as business barons like Tatas are turned out of the state in the name of politics.

Arvind Singh