Expensive Bowling Figures: A Scare For Bowlers To Lose Their Spot


Indian Cricket has always been known for its depth in batting. Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly are all the big legends in World Cricket. It is understandable that cricket is all about runs scored, but we should not forget that even wickets taken are an equally important part of the game.

In India, we just focus on our batting line up as we think that only batsmen end up scoring runs and winning matches. Right away a question arises in my mind. How is it possible to win a match if your bowlers are not capable of doing it?

All champion teams have a quality of having a perfect combination of a team. From a personal point of view, Shami’s omission from the team will be more than frustrating. After a stellar performance in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 — half of which he played through pain — Shami was away from the international scene for nine months owing to a knee injury. He underwent surgery, and as he was shaping up for his next big assignment, he was given the awful news that his hamstring pull from a training session rendered him ineligible for the limited-overs series in Australia. Just before the series, Shami had told the media that he was looking to put the previous frustration behind him, oblivious to the undesirable occurrence that was to befall him so very soon.


Even the experts have rendered themselves hoarse trying to call B.C.C.I’s attention towards the need of some quality bowlers in the Indian team, especially express seam bowlers. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, once was referred as the next big thing in Indian bowling, but has now been only considered to be a part of playing XI in case of injury to any mainstream bowler.


Bhuvi has been a class bowler and has helped Indian team get rid even of the World’s best batting line-up.

It can be clearly seen that the bowling department is completely neglected. We stand up and start blaming our bowlers for the loss. We don’t even think that the pitches in the sub-continent hardly support the bowlers and make it obvious for them to be expensive.

The bowlers need backup from the governing authorities to experiment with their tactics. They should not be in a fear of losing their place in the team and also need to learn from the legend bowlers around the world. The councils should not forget that there used to be times when the teams used to play with only 3 bowlers. But, still the bowlers had the authority to experiment and do not have the fear of losing and getting blamed.

It is important to treat both the bowlers and the batsmen with equal attention, since the game is incomplete without either of them. It is imperative to manage both aspects and extract the potential of each player in order to take the game a notch higher.

Vishesh Sharma

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