Express Yourself – Come share your thoughts

The concept of Viewspaper draws inspiration from a fundamental right that we have all been accorded, the right to freedom of expression. It is a reiteration of the belief that the youth’s voice is special and that it deserves to be heard.

Think for yourself? Think beyond yourself?


Voice your thoughts and your views on the Viewspaper. Feel free to write on

a subject and topic of your choice, undeterred and unfettered. Not just articles but if your have ever written a story or a poem or made a quote then send it to us. We will help you share your thoughts with others.

Designers can send in their work, musicians their songs or lyrics, painters their paintings, photographers their photographs. The medium doesn’t matter what matters is your expression. Come share that with everyone.

For The Viewspaper they are all views, thoughts and your way of expressing yourself.


Mail us.

Let this be the youth’s moment and the youth’s movement.