External Pond Pumps

External pond pumps for your fishes are the next best thing to sitting in a room with the AC on in the scorching heat of 45 degrees. External pond pumps are the main reason why the fishes are able to survive in an artificial environment which is practically not even close to the real habitat they belong to. Therefore, it is extremely important to install the external pond pumps to give the fishes an illusion of the real world for them. External pond pumps are responsible for creating oxygen bubbles within the pond mainly for the survival of the bacterial which grows and develops in the water itself.

External pond pumps are primarily used in huge ponds which can hold water upto 101 gallons. Along with producing oxygen bubbles within the pond, they are also responsible for the circulation of water which ensures that the pond has fresh water running through it all the times. The external pond pumps are also used as external fountain pumps and external waterfall pumps which require a lot of power to circulate the water around the pond system. The big external pond pumps such as these are used for overall purpose, but one can also install small external pond pumps which are manufactured based on specific requirements such as for creating bubbles or for fountains and waterfalls. There are many renowned manufacturers who have mastered the art and technology of developing external pond pumps such as Danner pond pumps, Blagdon pond pumps, Hozelock pond pumps etc.

The external pond pumps mainly run on electricity, but since they are required to be run 24 hours a day, 365 days a years, they require a lot of electricity. The advancement of technology has thus led to the invention of solar powered pond pumps which derive most of their energy from the sun and use it to run the external pond pumps.