F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Sitcom That Stole Hearts


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What was originally a seven-page pitch turned out to be the most loved sitcom of all times. The pilot episode aired on 22nd September 1994 for the first time on NBC, and even after eleven years after the last episode of Friends was aired, reruns of the show are aired all over the world, with millions of viewers belonging to various age groups watching it over and over and over again.

And don’t we all wish that Friends never really came to end? That it stayed with us throughout our lives, and those six magnificent characters aged as we did, we could just switch on our television sets, in times of crisis and our trustworthy friends were there, every day with a new life lesson and plenty of laughs.

Ah! Everything must come to an end, what doesn’t come to an end is it’s essence. Viewers all over the world have held on to Friends like a precious pal. For some, they would never think of erasing Friends from their computer storage and others define friends as a “foolproof mood fixer”.


Numerous Friends references, captions and gifs can be seen on the internet, even after all these years, what more? They’re still hilarious!

You  know you are a true blue Friends fan if you’ve had a crush on Jennifer Aniston, despite your sexual orientation and when you have various screenshots of Friends posts from Pinterest and Instagram on your phone, when you know ‘smelly cat’ by heart, and the reason you know ‘my anaconda don’t…’ is Friends and not Nicki Minaj.


When you have, one time or the other called one of your friends Joey or Ross or one of those and gotten a tag for yourself  too! When you said ‘Ohhhh my gawdd!’ the Janice way, and did so proudly. When you love every character like your own, yes, even Marcel and Gunther! And when you cried a river on the last episode of friends. We all did that!


Friends was the most successful TV show of all time, with each of the six actors earning $ 1,000,000 by the final season. It was considered to be a miraculous breakthrough. “Friends wasn’t afraid to show the six main characters failing to succeed – and not just at relationships. At times, they lost their jobs, struggled on low incomes and got stuck in careers they hated. These are all situations that today’s student-debt-ridden 20-somethings can identify with as they struggle to find work and afford their first home”, says Michelle Davies, who appeared briefly in an episode of the show.

The final episode of Friends was aired on the 6th of May, 2004 on NBC. But it shall always stay in our hearts.

Dear Friends, we will never be on a break!

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