FAB FIVE..Four..Three..Two..One..

“Why do all good things come to an end”– sings Nelly Furtado. This song is currently the situation of Indian cricket fans. One by one, all the greats of Indian cricket are hanging their boots. Some are sad as they won’t be able to see their heroes in action, and others are hopeful for the new face of Indian cricket.

The Fab Five includes India’s finest– Anil Kumble, Saurav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. These men have redefined the game in their own way. Each one has their share of ups and downs, but one thing that sets these men apart, is their ability handle difficult situations.
Since the early exit from the World Cup and the Young Indian team’s victory in T20s, the so called seniors have faced criticism from all from all fronts. But the Fab Five have responded very well with their performances. Right from Ganguly’s comeback or Sachin’s form in CB series final, the Fab five have always shown that they have what it takes.

Saurav Ganguly, is the first among the Fab Five, to announce his retirement. Ganguly, one of the finest batsmen that India has ever produced and often hailed as “Dada” has decided to quit from his international career. His decision came after his poor form in Sri Lanka series and he was later dropped from the domestic Irani Cup. Ganguly’s retirement was shock to many fans, as it’s just been a year since his comeback. I think, for this situation, there is no one but BCCI to blame. Ganguly has a couple of years of cricket left ahead of him, and putting him out of Irani trophy was insulting to the player of Ganguly’s stature. But Dada slapped his critics by playing some good cricket and will make an honorable exit from international cricket.

Anil Kumble, the ‘wristy’ spinner from Banglore, is undoubtedly the best spinner in India. He is the highest wicket taker among Indian bowlers. He has the rare achievement of taking 10 wickets in an inning. He was also the captain of Test cricket team of India. Kumble’s retirement wasn’t announced; unfortunately he got injured at the third test between India and Australia. And above that, his form was very bad during the series. So his injury and form made this versatile spinner from Karnataka quit the thing he loves most.

I think all this is happening because of emergence of T20 cricket. Thanks to T20, the young talent got a great exposure and it resulted in the early departure of some players. Players like Dravid and Sachin find it hard to make it to T20 squad. The only place we can see them in action after their retirement is IPL. I think that will make IPL much more exciting.

This is the present scenario, but other players of the Fab Five will sooner or later announce their retirements. It’s because there is lot of talent that India to be exposed and it can be done only if there place in the team. I think they will do well by leaving the cricket scenario because they will make way for younger cricketers and will leave their legacy behind. As we know, “Legends live on”, and on so will these men by inspiring the future generations of Indian cricket.

Prateek Jain

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