Facebook: A Lifeline

John Doe is a happy man these days. He recently got engaged to Sandra, thanks to Facebook. John took the very popular ‘ Who is your lifetime match’ quiz on facebook. After dissecting the results , he narrowed down his options to just one. This led him straight to Sandra. A visibly vivid John credits his new found happiness to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of the Facebook. Perhaps, John is not alone. Thousands of youngsters daily meet their potential soul mates, thanks to the soaring popularity of these quizzes.

This second generation of web development, also known as Web 2.0 has taken the world by storm. To think Facebook is just any other free access social networking site is a false notion. The novelty is that it is equipped with ever obliging in-house astrologer who is capable of predicting the future. In addition, their in-house designers answer queries ranging from ” Which hair style are you ” to ” What color suits you the best.” Armed with only the pattern of the mouse-click, astrologists give intricate details of one’s future love like ethnicity, last name, profession etc, all without a dent on the purse.

Users of the facebook can connect with their friends, share links, upload photos etc. They can also update the world about their recent exploits and invite comments too. Also, one can compete with friends in various games like scrabble, chess and mafia wars, besides publishing the achievments on the glory wall. With the never empty Gift shop, one can send virtual gifts to their loved ones, besides for that mystifying experience there is an Anonymous option too. With the all new ‘ Friends for sale ‘ applet , one can pet their favorite friends only at a click of a mouse.

Looking to flirt with a loved one ?? Try the ‘poke’ feature. This cool applet is a substitute for an aphrodisiac. The poke feature also allows one to reciprocate love. Indulge in ‘ poke wars ‘ and forge everlasting bonds only at a click of the mouse. Also pamper your loved one by sending margaritas , cold-drinks and other cool merchandise. If you are single but ready to mingle ,find love on ’speed date’. This hip new application allows you to browse other profiles , send winks and also flirt with them .

If you are unhappy with a particular societal norm , create a group and start an e-campaign against a social evil plaguing the country . Also , take part in discussions , share relevant information and see your campaign develop wings . If one is a die-hard fan of a public figure or an organisation , connect with other fans across the globe and get updates directly in the mail box . If you feel strongly about something , reach out to millions of others using ‘Facebook notes ‘ . Facebook Notes is a blogging feature which allows you to tag and embed images . In addition , you can import blogs from other blogging services too.

Looking for the best deals in housing sectors ?? Head straight to the Marketplace . From items ranging from Baby care to computer accessories one is guaranteed of striking the best deal amidst the pouring swarm . If you are a vendor looking for global customers , create an advert and reach out to your exact audience . Also learn who is clicking on your advert and make appropriate modifications to the business model . According to eMarketer senior analyst Debra Aho Williamson , over the next two years, the growing number of marketers flocking to Facebook will fuel an ad rebound.

For the multilingual , Facebook is also available in different languages . If your job involves a lot of travel , connect to Facebook using ‘ Facebook Mobile ‘ . This mobile application includes all the important features of the online facebook . Now wherever you go , stay connected with your friends and loved ones.

Still looking for a soul partner/dream house/latest gadget ?? Join Facebook , a social utility website with a difference . Forget Swine Flu , the real pandemic doing the rounds these days is ‘Facebook’.

Vijay Amalakara

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pshab/498122926/]