Facebook Might Introduce The Dislike Button.


Haven’t we all been there? You feel a particular post is wasting valuable space on your newsfeed. You don’t want to like it, but you also don’t want to ignore it. Well, all that could possible change. Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg said that he and his team are tinkering with the idea of introducing a “dislike” button. He said, “But we need to figure out a good way to do it. We don’t have anything that’s coming soon but it is an area of discussion.”

When someone’s dog dies or a user posts some bad news, liking such posts feels a little awkward. After all, no one likes to hear a friend delivering bad news. At instances like this, a dislike button could provide the solution. However, a potential problem could also arise. Many users could also use this button as a way of shaming someone in public. Facebook is used primarily to connect with friends. You definitely don’t want a situation where people use it to connect with “enemies”.

The dislike button could lead to innumerable problems. Hence, Mark and his team have still not decided the best possible way to introduce this feature.

Although we could potentially be using the dislike button in the near future, the Facebook co-founder said that it will not be called “dislike”. “Facebook is thinking about adding more options, though probably not ‘dislike’…. Giving users a tool to express a broader range of emotions like empathy or surprise might be a useful feature”, Zuckerberg said.

Facebook has often been criticized for using the “like” button as a way to gauge consumer trends. It studies people’s search patterns through which it can effectively advertise on its website. A dislike button could possibly make it much easier for Facebook to study what people don’t like and in the process gain more consumer insights.

The company has also come under criticism for issuing fake “likes” for money.  One has to just run “fake likes” on Google to get an idea of this problem. You can see loads of websites that offer to increase the likes for your brand, company, product etc.  This gives users an impression that a particular brand is very popular. However in reality its popularity could be falsely inflated through these fake likes.

Although the website has been talking about introducing the “dislike” button since 2010, it has still not come to a consensus. So you shouldn’t expect a “dislike” button to appear on your newsfeed anytime soon. In the meantime, users can send a Dislike sticker on Facebook Messenger posts.

Somesh Chandran

Image Source: [http://i.ytimg.com/vi/o4U5mphRdkA/hqdefault.jpg]