Facing Recession: Stand With It

Recession, a nightmare which came true, is driving away the sleep of even the brightest CEO’s. It’s a time when even the best looks grim. Today the world is facing an unprecedented situation after the great depression of 1930’s. Economies are swinging, banks are filling bankruptcy, companies are shedding employees to sustain, inflation, governments are providing bailout packages to support but how much can the govt. provide support? How a common man will nourish in the crisis situation and cope up as no bailout package is available for him and will neither be in future too.

“Necessity is the mother of innovation”. To prosper in crisis one needs to be innovative enough to drive. Just queuing up with thousands won’t help to win. Today it’s the best time to try out something creative from your mind so that u can excel from other.

There are enough opportunities still available in the market which needs to be explored. A fresh engineering graduate can either just try up searching job portals or he can use his skills to become self employed. Taking tuitions is the easiest step which can further be used to open a coaching centre which is huge success today. Despite the IT revolution, still many sectors don’t have appropriate software to use. In India, mainly only the pharmaceutical industry uses the software at the retailer level i.e. by chemists while other sectors lag behind. Very few general stores use the software for billing purposes apart from the retailers tied with big chains. An engineer can analyze the needs of these sectors which want to upgrade and can design a system according to their needs. This will be huge success for both the retailers and will also generate a huge employment.

“Marriages are made in heaven” but they happen on earth. In India, marriages take place whole year with a peak season timing too. This business never goes in recession and people try to spend enormously to make it more splendiferous. One can try hands out here to make sizeable profits with the only precondition to have a vision how to arrange things, hard work and ability to make relations. Grandiloquent tents, pompous wedding ceremonies, resplendent parties all these requires a lot of hard work to add the glory. Catering business has eased this hardship at a high cost which can’t be bared by a common man. People mainly opt caterers just to avoid the hardship and enjoy the ceremonies. One can try to mediate this hardship by owing all headaches and providing catering style easiness at a price. He can provide alternatives to designs, style, decorations which are rarely found easily and difficult to manage. Not only it will generate a huge employment but also will ease up the wedding preparations which require huge preparations and time.

Short term jobs are also a good alternative. May, June are the month of admission time in colleges and universities. Students keep on scratching their head which course, college or other options are available and good for them. What is the scope of certain course and the prerequisites for it and how to prepare for them. If all this information is available at a single platform with proper guidance at a nominal cost, this can be a huge sizzler for students as well a good cause job in the interest of the nation too.

Opportunities are available to everybody, just one need to take step in that direction and grab it. There are many ideas around our surroundings which require attention only. Recession depends on one’s own perception and views. A person can either opt to stand with others or be unique and smart to make his living. Go and try out should be today’s youth motive with confidence swirling around him and no fear of failing.

Saurabh Agarwal

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/giorgioconstantine/3405934488/]