Fantastic Fantasy: Twilight Series

I generally don’t write book reviews. But I just couldn’t stop myself from writing a review on the Twilight series. The fact that it is read by seventh graders does not bother me at all. This four book series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) is written by stay-at-home mom Stephanie Meyer. Truly, she does know how to tell a tale, taking fantasy fiction to a whole new level.

When I started reading the books, I had no idea of how addictive they could get. Everything came to a standstill, studies included! What else can one do while reading the love story of a normal ‘human’ teenage girl and (hold your breath) a gorgeous ‘vampire’? Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan is the protagonist of the story whose life changes an entire 360 degrees when she goes to Forks to live with her father (her parents are separated). There, it is not just the constant bad weather that she has to deal with. Suddenly, she is attending a school with a total strength of 357 people, whereas in Phoenix there were 700 people in her junior class alone! She loves being a recluse, so you can imagine her surprise (read: annoyance) when adrenaline-pumped teenage boys start following her. In short, Bella stumbles upon an ‘alien’ yet friendly town that eventually changes her life forever. There is something very likeable about Bella. It is a combination of her clumsiness, confidence, her wry sense of humour and the fact that she is totally oblivious of her admirers!

I can successfully guess the first thing that will come to your mind the moment I mention ‘vampire’. However, Edward Cullen is anything but your typical blood-sucking, bat-transforming and coffin-sleeping vampire. Basically, he is to die for, pun unintended. He is intelligent, smart, sweet and to top it all, absolutely gorgeous.. You will be in absolute awe of the Cullens. They are beyond attractive, super rich and they don’t kill humans!

The series has everything that justifies its bestseller status: drama, humour, action, romances…the works! Stephanie Meyer weaves her way through vampire and werewolf rivalries and an insane love story rather effortlessly. On one side we have a vampire who has to fight the urge to bite his girlfriend and on the other hand we have Bella who is ready to sacrifice all her human (and werewolf) relationships for her century old boyfriend! Pretty heavy huh?

The author makes you laugh, cry and scream out in frustration, all in the same breath. You will never guess in the entire series that it had been Stephanie Meyer’s first shot at writing. For the book-a-holics, I would suggest that comparisons to Harry Potter are not made, since they both are at a completely different level of greatness. J.K.Rowling is, and will always remain, the undisputed Queen of fantasy fiction. But I can safely say that the second spot is reserved for Meyer. Don’t waste a second after reading this review, go grab that copy of Twilight and experience a high of its own kind.

Anam Mittra

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