Fare thee well – a word and yet not just a word,
An emotion encompassing a whole new world,
A divider defining the old and the new,
A memory of people and things we knew


A wish that we may touch the stars,
A hope that we may remember these hours,
A prayer for the well being of us all,
A voice echoing the future’s call


A cross road where we now stand,
A step which will decide where we will land,
A remembrance of all the friends we made,
A bond which I know can never break


A feeling brimming with melancholy,
A vision leading to our destiny,
A light luring us to the future treasures,
A reminder of all our childhood pleasures


A moment when I look back and see,
All the fabulous things that happened to me
A moment when I look back and see,
All the past catastrophes


A key to all the unseen roads,
An opportunity to settle all our scores
A story of how we have grown,
From tiny tots to college records


The time is now and now is the time,
To do the things that for sure will define
Our future course and the limit of our shores


So come on, let’s show them all,
The strength of the mettle of which we are born
Listen to voice which beckons us all,
And respond with all your force to the future’s call..


Neha Maheshwari