Fascinating Fashion

‘Successful Savings’ are the most important trait of a young fashion victim, especially a Girl. The Confessions of a Shopaholic ‘Girl’, if penned down on paper, can result into a manuscript, with volumes tending to infinity. The tempting turquoise neck pieces, worth yearning yellow bangles, sparkling sheen on the pearl earrings, rejuvenating red nail-paint, the scarlet silky lip color, the immeasurable soft touch of the chiffon, the smell of fresh leather shoes, the dash of bedroom eyes, the smudge effect, nude make-up, the furious fashion fascination is unbounded.

Howsoever simple a girl may be, even the ugliest of the lot would readily stare with a swelling smile on her face into the mirror, wondering, that she’s looking beautiful. Fashion and its fascination are in the eyes of the individual, and not the beholder.

No wonder we admire actresses for their scintillating figures, curves, and follow ‘their’ trends. How often have we wondered, that the very dynamics of a human body differs from another human being? If Katrina’s curves are quoted to be the best, may be your persona is much attractive when you dress yourself differently or in the same attire as she does. Or for that matter, if Kareena’s chiffon attires in Bodyguard, make every college go girl crazy to grab the same, doesn’t really make her look pleasing to the eyes unlike Kareena.

Sometimes, fashion is redefined pleasantly, when a girl just smells good, maintains her hygiene and may be dresses like a girl next door, in a pair of jeans and men’s t-shirt, with a long mane tied neatly. A fashion conscious lass should tally the trends with her individuality, so that, suddenly one day, smoky eyes, the scarlet lips, and may be red chiffon do not make her turn out to resemble a witch!

To prevent ourselves from flattering a fashion disaster, we must:

(a) Identify your body type: thin, squat, medium, tall, etc., skin type, fair, dusky, white tone.
(b) Always chose colors that compliment your personality. The color you wear enhances the mood and vibrancy of life.
(c) People with dusky complexion look way better than the fair or white tones ones, usually possessing sharp features that enhance their style. So no complexes are required if you don’t match up to melanin deficient skins.
(d) Keeping things like make-up, attires, accessories, shoes, “simple” is a better option than, wearing yellow and green with red lips and resembling a taxi.
(e) Profession is what makes you stylize or chose fashion for yourself determining the career you are in. Going abstract, contrast, minimal in jewelry will make you look extraordinary and shall help you reflect the individual you are, not over-shadowing the real you.

What is more fascinating about the fashion world is that, the other person’s appearance compels us to step into the former’s shoes. But we should keep that cloud of misconceptions from raining heavily on our body. Today it’s not about moving with the crowd, but to stand out with a unique self disciplinary fashion statement, that makes you look good, and most importantly feel good and confident.

Fashion fascinates someone, when you know how to carry yourself correctly in whatever you wear and want to wear. Letting your skin breathe, without layering yourself with make-up, leaving your hair to wave without drenching and burning it in chemicals is what one needs to take care of. Staying naturally you, whether it’s about accessorizing or outfits is what fascinates me about fashion.

It’s not about spending the last coins in your wallet to buy enthralling earrings,
It’s about how you use your individuality to amalgamate your persona and fashionable bearings.

Shefali Saxena