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From the times when early man existed, there has always been a popular style or practice that has always caught the attention of all whether it is their way of wrapping around leaves or igniting fire from stones. Weird, as it sounds, but it was the fashion of the times. Fashion has a broader holding. It not only restricts itself to clothing, accessories but also to hair styles, shoes, cars, home decors, etc. Fashion is anything that is currently in vogue and aspired by all to achieve.

Gone are the days when fashion was attributed to only girls in their teens or – ties. Now it is embraced by all. There are latest baby trends, ostentatious display of outfits for men – casual or formal, outfits for pregnant women, for old and for young. There is something latest in trend for people of all ages irrespective of gender. Fashion is not only what you wear and adorn yourself with but also depends on number of other factors such as the occasion, the season, the gathering, etc. For instance there are different colours for different seasons, different dress material for different occasion and the best part is no one shrugs today from going an extra mile to adapt that fashion. Some of them are trendsetters and some are trend followers.

Latest in the fashion world for the girls are tunics with leggings that give the ultimate glamorous look, narrow bottom jeans curving out in shape of their bodies and adding oomph to the gathering, knee length capris are very much in vogue with a comfort fit tee to give a casual stunning look. This was about the outfits, now about the patterns. Floral prints considered to be in fashion in 70s and 80s are back in market, ethnic wears make you stand out and be different, cool accessories to go with your apparels and oversized shades are perfect to be called a fashion lover. A women especially Indian is not worthy of being called so if she doesn’t flaunt herself in saree. Sarees are still considered the royal attire. Chiffon sarees: courtesy Sushmita Sen ( Main Hoon Na) are still considered very sexy or a simple saree draped with deep neck blouse: courtesy Aishwarya Rai (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam) is still considered very modern. For the working or home makers, the kurtis have become a comfort wear. Stoles are now outdated. Slip-ons are considered trendier even if you wear them with jeans.

If it’s sounds too much for fashion, please gasp more because there is much more than this in store for men today. If you talk about formals, pin striped trousers with plain shirts it is the latest trend. If it is about parties, tuxedos still catch the attention from miles. Half sleeves shirts-cotton or silk are very much appreciated. A coat with perfect fitting and two buttons is enough to make women feel weak in the knees. Pink and purple once considered to be girly colours are most sought after by men today. Same is the case with cotton shorts and three-fourths, once considered to be quintessential of women’s wardrobe now form a part of men’s too. Striped T-shirts are very trendy, people even love wearing shirts tucked in jeans. Shirts of different patterns like checks, striped or plain are in trend. Coming to shoes it depends if you need one for a party or a casual occasion and on what are you wearing. Leather shoes are the latest. You can always flaunt your sportswear as they are evergreen as jeans which will never be outdated. If it’s hairstyle, you have spikes that was too much in trend once or the Radhe style inspired by Salman Khan in movie Tere Naam. But men tend to experiment less with their hairstyle unless they are very sure that it will suit them.

So there’s no end to fashion. It will keep on changing and so do we. But I personally feel, rather than what you wear, it is how you wear and how you carry is the essence of fashion. We adapt fashion to be at par with the times. And educational institutions, colleges in particular are hub for this fashion and style statements. Teens, undoubtedly happen to be the slot of society that experiment the most with their styles and trends and I guess they are the ones who really bring in fashion into society whether it’s gals hanging oversized handbags, boys hanging scarves around their necks or both texting as fast as possible. They are the core of trends and latest fashion buzz. Rest is just giving it a shape and redefining it for the people of all ages and genders.

Karanvir Gupta

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