Fashion Feast

What goes around comes around. Trends of the previous millennium make a style statement today. The past couple of years saw the 70s and 80s fashion make it to wardrobes with a bang. This year’s fashion theme is also retro but with a difference – it’s the 60s era creeping into cupboards.

Like old wine gets better with time it seems so is fashion. The garish flowery prints of 70s have been modified into sophisticated pastel shades for the ladies this summer. Short mini skirts making way for long knee length skirts this season. Even dresses are till the knees. Knee length dresses have made into many more girls collections than short skirts did as it is more comfortable to wear and not just for slim girls but for healthy girls as well.
Canvas shoes still dominate the footwear in colleges. Different patterns have emerged. Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Smith have got more shades into the market. So it’s time to invest in some canvas shoes and new laces because if  you haven’t got the different colours of laces it’s like investing in a broken lipsticks. Anyways lipsticks had lost their luster till Lakme launched it Fantasy collection. It also has revived blush – on or rouge.

‘Socks with everything’ is the new mantra. Be it with sandals, floaters or shoes. Oh ya! The ugly twin of the stilettos the kitten heels are here to stay. Ballerina is dominant amongst the  ladies. They are in so many colours, shapes, patterns and yes the ones often seen with teens or in colleges come cheap.
A pair of good denim jeans is like investing in gold. It never lets you down. But the tapering fit can be tricky for ‘healthy’ people. Harem pants are still there to save you on a hot sweaty day And a suitable but loud pair of shades which hides most of your face is like an investment in crude oil.
But if you talk of accessories then gold is gone. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Sleek jewellery is the ornament to look out for. The chunky bangles are gone, though some girls refuse to believe it. They wear it as if they were born with it. Kurtas seem to be never out of fashion. And white kurtas are like the hot flavour of the month.

Mumbai is missing it out but Delhi has caught it well. It’s fashionable in Delhi to eat momos. They are everywhere. Every corner in Delhi will have momos. They have spread like forest fire. Aerated drinks are LS now and lemon drinks, juices are up in arms.

Bollywood has always influenced the world of fashion for common people.  Be it the Sadna cut or Kat’s dress. Women have watched films and have gone gaga over some clothes or the other and almost got it made at gunpoint from their tailors. “Oh! Sharukh Khan wore those shoes I have to have to buy them” a common thought.” Akshay had those pair of jeans I should get them too.” Another thought which might strike a young boy.

The impact is deep and advertisers understand it very well that is why every second advertisement has celebrities. Be it actors or sports stars.

This was the latest update from common people’s not so common fashion world until the next time, keep it simple but stylish.

Priyanka Gandhi