Female Foeticide in India

In some parts of India, the ratio of males being born to girls is 2:1.  This has been going on long enough that it is already taking its toll on society and the possibility of men getting married as they grow of age.

This is really a disaster slowly unfolding, not just for India, or even the third world, where it is undoubtedly happening as well, but for the entire world.  Think about the boy’s lives for a moment.  They will grow up frustrated and lonely, then become angry.  Well, angry young men sometimes become violent.  If they join together with other angry men, you have criminal gangs, even terrorists.  This is destabilizing and dangerous for the entire world – all because there aren’t enough women to civilize these men.  Add to that that Americans seeking to adopt, overwhelmingly (80%) prefer girls, thereby pulling still more girls out of the third world.

That’s good for the neglected girls, of course, but what about the men left behind?  India, and other countries practicing femail fetuscide, need to start valuing their females for their ability to earn and contribute to the society in other ways besides baby-making.  Then, the need to bribe potential grooms with dowries would disappear, since the young women they marry would bring value of their own into the marriage.  This is particularly true as young Indians aspire to a middle class lifestyle that may not be obtainable from just a single paycheck earned by the man.  Mothers need to raise their girls to be equal partners to men, so that the dowry becomes an unnecessary anachronism.  Otherwise, men will be killing each other on the street, competing indirectly, perhaps even unknowingly, for access to women.

Anshuman Dhondhriyal