Feminism: Definitely Not About Playing The ‘Gender’ Card


On one hand, where feminism is a fight for equal rights for women, on the other, it doesn’t mean to discriminate against men in the society. Moral values are something which can be taught but one needs to practice them, everywhere. Be it at home, marketplace or one’s workplace, practice what you preach. Feminism also supports moral values, where a man and a woman respect each other’s identities. This way, they don’t become barriers to the growth of the society but a force towards the collective good of the society.

If the qualities which define men say that they are harsh creatures, people who follow patriarchy, etc. then the qualities which define woman say that they are calm, polite and sweet in nature. These definitions, in any case, don’t account to be a universal truth or a universal lie. Because, in our society; not all men carry the qualities listed above and not all women carry the qualities listed for them above. Therefore, it can be rightly said; that not all men and all women are the same. So, not all men should be prejudiced against. The very societal notion which says that, ‘all men are the same’, is based upon the harshness or cruelty shown by only a few men. Deeds of some men, can’t decide the nature of each and every man. Understanding this is something our society is faulting on.

If one travels by the metro rail, then one can see the seats reserved for ladies. For instance, these days; if an old man occupies that seat, a young woman should understand that it’s not right to ask the old man to vacate the seat. Yes, accepted; it is the right of women to sit on the seats reserved for them. At the same time, isn’t it a duty of every citizen, despite of the gender to offer their seats to the ones who need them more than anyone else?

Every girl, like every boy, has the right to speak up for what is right and what is wrong. To become rude with a person without reasons legit enough isn’t a right thing to do. Just because a woman raised her voice against someone, especially a man, does not mean that the particular individual is wrong. There are disagreements, arguments, difference in opinions and these entirely do not necessarily fall under the category of a ‘right’ or a ‘wrong’.

There have been several incidents which have come to light in media in the last few months. For example, take the case of the Rohtak sisters or the case in Delhi last month when a head constable of police was jailed after a woman accused him of asking her for a bribe. The truth in both cases was something else. In both the cases, the very voice of a one man was submerged by the collective voice of women.

This isn’t right and healthy for India, to blindly believe in a story put upfront by a person, without listening to the pleas of the other person. The mental torment which the men face in such cases is not any less than what the women face. Reasons and enough justifications should only account for the decision, of who is right and who is wrong. Like earlier said, “not all men and not all women are the same.”


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Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper