Few things can never be frivolous

Diverse country, diverse fashion.

Having my roots in Andhra Pradesh, being brought up in Maharashtra and now studying in Shillong – the fashion hub of India, I had an opportunity to experience the diversity that India offers in both culture way of living. A significant and visible portion of this difference is the fashion that treads at different parts of India and how it mingles to give a new definition to fashion. Andhra Pradesh is a land of langa odhnis and pattu sarees with long plaited hair, while Shillong is a land of short skirts, straight hair and high heels. It is difficult to judge which is more fashionable, as both are unique in their own respect and both are termed “fashionable” at their respective locations. Fashion is not always about skimpy clothes but it is more about how the trends have evolved over a period of time in line with the culture of a place and acceptance of the society. And needless to say, no matter where you go including even the remotest village of Andhra Pradesh, you will hear the grandma giving advice to her granddaughter about latest fashion in sarees. This is how fashion has dwelled into our daily lives, becoming an inseparable part of it.

Sources of fashion

While the grandma hears of the latest fashion from her neighbor who has just returned from Mumbai, the daughter sees it in the daily TV soap that she is addicted to and the granddaughter picks it up from the latest movie that she had gone to watch a few days back. Fashion can emerge from anywhere; there is no rule or restriction on it. Whatever is widely accepted by many and is pleasing to the eye becomes a trend. By far, television and Bollywood have been the two leading sources providing changing trends and patterns and inputs on fashion to the common man. Once incepted, it doesn’t take long to gauge its success or failure. If appreciated it spreads fast and can be seen everywhere, if rejected it vanishes without a glimpse.

Fashion cannot be frivolous

I have been at the edge of the sword throughout, while doing my post-graduation at IIM. Having always been occupied with assignments, surprise quizzes, project work, exams, etc. so has been the case with all my peers and also students in other top institutes. But in spite of the busiest of schedule, students are always conscious of their style statement. They are not just up to date with what the world is following but are one step ahead by defining their own fashion and trends. In fact Amy Levin, the creative director of CollegeFashionista.com had rightly quoted  she was impressed with the thrifty finds college students pick up and mix together to make a fantastic look. Fashion has also become important at work, where more and more people are becoming conscious of what to wear to work, whether it is in vogue and at the same time doesn’t go overboard in a work environment.

An indispensable part of life

Fashion can be seen in not just what one wears or carries but in everything one does. The new skirt that Sushma is wearing is very trendy and fashionable! The latest PS2 game that Gautam plays is the latest fashion! Going to college on a bicycle is so cool and fashionable! Mrs. Ramaswamy has decorated her house in a very fashionable way indeed! Fashion cannot be restricted to any particular field; it has rightly become an underlying attribute of our daily lives.

Swati Nidiganti