Fiction Indeed Turned Reality With This Robbery


We all saw Dhoom 2, and apart from swooning over Hrithik Roshan, we were all amazingly astonished with the kind of thefts he achieved with ease. We all refuted his thefts deeming them to be impossible, practicality of them being in question. Well, who could have imagined someone looting a crown from a moving train, with utmost security that is present?

Apparently, imagination does showcase its wonders at times, and we were rewarded with a theft that just amazed us. Many of us thought Hrithik’s style to be impractical, however, there are some who just refuted the movie’s claims and how.

Imagine a train traveling from Salem to Chennai, which has a mail van attached to it, in which the Reserve Bank of India was transporting a whopping ₹ 342 crore. It is pretty obvious that the train would be heavily guarded and given the maximum amount of security that there is. However, despite all this, a whooping ₹ 5.78 crore were looted from this very train by these gifted robbers. When the train halted in Chennai, the officials noticed something funny, there were currency notes scattered all around the floor, and upon further introspection the amount mentioned above was missing.

It was found that the robbers had achieved this extraordinary tale by cutting a hole in the coach roof. Such precision is quite uncanny and quite questionable.

If I were a thief, to be engaged in such high-end operation,

  1. I would know that there is no scope for failures.
  2. I would a complete Research and Development (R&D) for the forsaken project,
  3. I would know the exact train that would be carrying this sum, and at what time,
  4. I would know the coach in which the sum is present, so that the cutting of the hole is easily implemented without any hassles,
  5. In such timely projects, I would know that I cannot do hit and trial and hence have to be aware of all these above mentioned details.

Now, as a citizen, I know these things would be kept anonymous, considering the amount present. Only people who will be executing the journey would know of the amount and where it is kept. As per the reports, there was armed police escorting the money in the very next carriage. Now, what led to such robbery that carries the echo of the Great Train Robbery of 1963, when a gang of robbers in Britain stopped a night mail train and stole £2.6m.

Is it the laxative approach of the police personnel, or is it an inside job? In exchange of morals, did some (or few) officials get richer? If not by principles, one can at least aim to earn some extra cash, by forgoing the consciousness and the duty of a post.

Also, a Romanian national, who along with two other foreigners is suspected to be involved in the hi-tech ATM robbery in which a number of people lost money in Thiruvananthapuram. Many people have lodged complaints against money being withdrawn from their accounts, and thus the CCTVs finally came into the picture and helped catch the inflictors of theft.

However, how many times have we seen an ATM machine without the presence of a security guard? How easy it will be for someone to threaten someone who just took out some cash during night in the absence of a security guard, or functioning CCTVs?

Well, it seemed like a dream to do what Dhoom series depicted, but now, I can see all of it happening, and maybe more. Is it the influence of movies?

I would rather say, it is the influence of something as evil as money over something as pure as our morality. Let us be rich and substantial, give or take a few morals. Fair deal?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper