Fiction of a Third Kind

Searching the distant universe to find an alternate life form our odyssey has come to an end. After traveling trillions of light years in the distant galaxy, Milky Way we have found a planet where life exists. The natives call this planet Earth. This planet is not very different from our planet Zany. Their atmosphere is similar to that of ours. The planet revolves around a star called Sun. it also goes through different seasons. It’s a beautiful blue planet. We began our research on this planet.

First month:

This planet has diverse forms of life. The most unusual is the most abundant creature itself called homo sapiens or human. They are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. The human DNA structure is completely different from that of ours. The human anatomy consists of two legs used for walking, two arms extending into hands with fingers for holding, a pair of eyes for viewing objects, a nose for breathing and smelling, a pair of ears for hearing and a mouth to eat and communicate besides sundry other features.

To know more about humans and the planet, we took a drastic measure. I Commander Zulu along with four of my comrades temporarily changed our molecular structure to that of a human and teleported ourselves to a state called California a metropolitan situated in the most powerful country on the planet called United States of America.

To quench the unending thirst to know more about the planet we began our journey to earth. The first thing we noticed was no human had similar looks. Everyone had distinct features. Some humans had white skin while others had black skin. I saw some earthlings fighting amongst themselves. On enquiring we found they were fighting over a female. This aspect of human behavior completely baffles me. May be it is some kind of ritual before mating takes place.

Second month:

Apart from humans there are other diverse forms of life on earth. In fact there are few abhorrent looking creatures thriving on this planet. These include aquatic life forms, land mammals, amphibians and arboreal. Aquatic life form includes creatures living in water. Generally aquatic creatures breathe through gills. But mammals living in water have lungs and have to surface from time to time to breathe. Next comes the land mammals. They may be classified into many groups like vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are those creatures who have a spinal column in their skeleton structure. And invertebrates are those who don’t have a spinal column. Next are the amphibians. These creatures can live both on land as well as in water. We found these the ugliest looking creatures on earth, far uglier than the natives do. The fourth life form is the arboreal that is referring to those dwelling on trees. Trees are part of another diverse life form. The arboreal mainly include birds. These creatures are able to fly. Since their bones are hollow they are ultra light. Birds’ body is covered with a light material called feather which further assist in their flight. However not all birds can fly. Many creatures are killed for food by humans. Though killing of creatures in small numbers is also essential for the ecological balance. But hunting for of animal’s fur fun and for their skin, teeth; they are on the verge of extinction.

Third month:

Another life form, which exists on earth, is the planet life. This form is the lifeline of the planet earth. Plants provide food and shelter required for existence of humans and other living creatures. They absorb a gas called carbon dioxide emitted by other living creatures, and through a process called photosynthesis, plants convert this carbon dioxide into oxygen; an essential gas for survival of living organisms on this planet. Without the evolution of plants, life may not have evolved into what it is now.