Girls can say really stupid things you know. The things you can’t even imagine. For example “I can’t walk with these shoes!” Have you ever heard that?

I felt like asking “Why did you buy this shoe, which when wearing you can’t put one of your legs in front of another?” But I didn’t and I know that won’t be appreciated. It was a blind date for god’s sake.

I wouldn’t say she was not pretty. But disastrous for my taste. She had fake long eye lashes, distasteful nail colors and was making that gesture of so called romance with her mouth. I felt like puking. At last it was the end of the day and I happily dropped her in her hostel much earlier than expected.

It was still late evening, and I thought about the day. Which fool will look for love like this? Why did I come to this blind date in the first place? Am I that lonely? And I know because of this short notice I looked awful in this loose shirt and not so matching trousers.

I was crossing Music World. I remember my father asking me to buy Annamayya compositions. I stepped in and was looking around for help when I heard a sweet voice inquiring about “Annamayya songs?”

I wouldn’t put that as sweet now when I remember her voice. It was like more kiddish. Kids’ voices are sweet, isn’t it? There was also some kind of pep and enthusiasm and zero fake (I could understand what is fake after the blind date). It was like the sound of early bird which I heard in my native.

I could see only her back (not that you perverts). She had long hair. Slightly curly at the end. She had tied it neatly. Felt it would be so good if it was free. In a curiosity of seeing her face and also sure that now she knows where to find the annamayya’s compositions I was behind her.

She wandered aimlessly here and there for some time. She stopped to check something in front of her twice. And then a right turn to the kids rhyme’s section. Young mother? My heart skipped a beat. Naah! maybe for her sister’s kid. I pacified myself.

When I turned to the right I almost touched her nose with mine.

“Are you following me?” She asked in the same voice she inquired about the CD.

“Will you believe if I say no?” I asked back.

“No! This store is full of mirrors mister. I know you are watching me” I just had a look around. Stupid I was, didn’t notice anything. The hall was full of mirrors. I wondered, what does a mirror do in a music shop?

“I was looking for Annamayya’s compositions. I know you were asking for that. So I thought I would follow you and you know…”

“Really? You need Annamayya’s compositions?” she asked raising her right eyebrow thrice in quick succession.

“Well now! Harris Jayaraj’s background music will do?”

“Are you trying to be romantic Mr. Stalker?”

“I am trying not to look stupid Ms. Smarty”

“Well, here is your composition then… Now?” she asked

“Where is the one for you?” I asked her.

“I don’t think they have more than one copy. The season is like that and there are a lot of sales on these things this season.” She said.

“Then you can take this. I didn’t have this in mind when coming into the shop. I can buy it some other time. Maybe place an order”

“What was not on your mind? Annamayya?”

“No, this strange encounter with a beautiful girl” I smiled.

She smiled back. She had eyes like fish you can tell. Just like the ones that jump above water in middle of the sea. When she smiled her eyes shrank so much that I could see only two curved lines below her eyebrow. She does show a bit of teeth. But I take that as a compliment.

“So?” she asked taking the CD from my hand.

“So?” I tried to imitate her eyebrow thing, but didn’t work out. But that made her laugh.

“What’s your name Mr. Stalker?”

“Prasanna.. What’s your’s Ms. Smarty?”

“Deepa. Nice meeting you”

“That would be a very small thing if I say that back”

“Don’t tell me you are falling for me!” It was too early.

“No, Not really. Can we walk? It’s so stuffy in here” I asked her.

“Yeah! But let me bill it first” She went to the counter. I was so relieved and felt refreshed after a date disaster. Anyway I don’t know about this new girl. This may turn out to be disastrous as well.

When she was done, we both didn’t know where to go. We started to walk on the pavement.

“So Deepa, Where do you stay?” I asked believing it will make a good conversation.

“None of your business” Came the sharp reply. I didn’t really expect that. May be she wants to behave well in public. I didn’t talk for a while

“Hey Listen” She started. “We just met in a music store and I am walking out with you now. I don’t know this is right. So why don’t we refrain from personal things and talk about general things”

Made sense. “It’s a bit humid today right?”

“You are poor at making conversations. We are not 40 something to talk about the weather”

“What do you want me to talk then?”

“What made you come behind me?”

“Uh!! I kind of liked you” I smiled.


“I dunno. I liked you that’s all.” I didn’t know what to say. Whether to tell you that, I am a lonely guy who wanted to talk to all women who crossed me. Or the one who never had courage to ask any girl out.

“Tell me three reasons. I want them now!”

“You are so demanding. Let me see if I can put them together.” We entered a park and found a free bench beneath the shades of a giant tree. The night lights were on and the park looked beautiful.

“You know why men like women. You asked me three reasons. I will tell you what comes to my mind. Men like women, not just you but in general, because we think we are still school boys never mind the age when you are around. Because you smile at every child that passes you. Because on taking to dates in month end you prefer to eat salads.”[H1]

“That’s impressive Mr. Stalker” she commented.

“Prasanna” I corrected.

“I prefer Stalker. You know what. I had a bad bad day. I wanted to hear some nice music today. You kinda made my day.”

“Oh! That’s good to hear.” I said shyly.

“You now, said why men like women. Why don’t you say why you liked me? I mean no generalizations”

“Because you are Deepa and I am Prasanna” I said back.

“I don’t know where this is heading Stalker. Your words. I could not understand what it means. We are not certainly building relationships here. Is that clear with you?”

“Yes! Even that’s the last thing I can think about at this moment. I wanted someone to talk with me that’s all. I am grateful that you are here now listening.”

“So go on! Tell me something more that men like about women. I am curious”

“Because, Women solve problems in their own way, which we, men don’t understand and go crazy about. Because they can go to work with loose fitted jeans and a t shirt where we men cannot think of wearing a skirt at any point in life. Yeah Johny Depp is an exception. They always find a convincing defect about us when we talk about other women, to make us inferior and insecure.”

“Enough… Enough. You are actually complaining right?”

“Not really.” I said smiling. Still practicing the eyebrow thingy.

“I will tell you what women like about men.” She started.

“Women like men for how tender they become when they cry and how seldom they do it. They love their moms and remind us of our dads. They don’t lie about height, weight and dress size. They are in peace with their body except a little worried about their height, weight and baldness. They give us a peek at the little boy inside, when they are happy, hurt or sick”

“Thats well compiled too.” I commented this time.

“I made it up now when you said things about women.”

“But why did you like me?”

“I didn’t like you! Did I ever say I liked you?” I didn’t know what to say. Though it was a very brief encounter, dunno why tears welled up my eyes. I turned side like coughing and wiped it away.

“As in the lost point, now you let me have a glimpse of little boy inside you”

“Thanks for spending time with me. Let’s better get started for home. It might get late for you. I don’t know where you come from. Please be safe.” I said already getting up from the bench we were sitting on.

“I got engaged last week,” She said with her head down. ” I never saw a guy who would suit me. Not of my taste. I always wanted someone with imagination. But I grew older and my parents wanted me to get married. I never liked this guy. I don’t hate him either. But I will not be happy. Maybe I will. I don’t know.  I wish I met you a year before. Then that doesn’t make any sense. It’s not because what you talked or smiled or whatever. I felt this when I had first glimpse at you. Now let me go away. God bless you.” She started walking. I could see that she was wiping away her tears.

I stood still thinking to myself. “Deepa! I left out one thing. Men love women for their heavenly beauty when they say the truth with tears in their eyes.”

I started to walk back home. It started raining!!

B. Bragadeesh Prasanna

The author is a Business development executive for a MNC. He writes at His hobbies are trekking, photography, cycling and writing.