Fifty Shades And After: The Censor Board’s Crippling Urge To Cut Everything


What the hell, Censor Board? Why do you do this to us, Indians? I mean, you want to protect us from the ‘ills of western world’ and refuse to come to terms with the fact that we are growing up. Yes, we are getting older and wiser every day. When we go out grocery shopping, we do not have a statutory body telling us what to pick. And hey! When we elect our government, we certainly do not have anyone hovering over us (sometimes we do, but that is another day’s tirade). Then why do you think your overbearing, throttling self will win our appreciation?

After a long week when we are about to unwind and catch up on films, you become ‘morally obligated’ to issue parental control settings on our viewing. You are like a mother-in-denial, rebuffing us every time we tell you we have come of age. Arey maa, tera beta bada ho gaya hai!

I see why we have in our country, the Shyam Benegal Committee. Clearly, Central Board of Film Certification, you have failed to master the nuances of certifying a film. Recently, an appeal on, urging the government to not treat adults like five-year-olds garnered more than 13,000 signatures. Vignesh Vellore’s petition seeking a ban on censorship for adult-rated films, reads, “Because of this mindless censorship, it is becoming harder to watch movies in the theatre. We are adults who can handle mature content. A movie will not ruin our morals or our culture. But censorship will ruin our country”.


Why CBFC, do you entwine morals with movies? They only share the first alphabet, baba. I might as well take my nine-year-old brother for Deadpool, given the way you mercilessly chop dialogues, profane words and scenes YOU deem objectionable. That nine-year-old is a vulnerable kid; us adults, are not. We can handle nudity and cusswords as gracefully as we handle our mothers-in-law. So relax, and do not invest so much of your energy into getting into the intricacies of films and slashing them out. Of all the things we are fighting for already, seizing our freedom to watch films is the most absurd of things to happen.

Prerna Mittra

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