Film Review: Dilli-6

Time and again life throws us into situations where we are forced to introspect. Situations where your grit and character are tested beyond doubt, where your virtues are manifested. It is not the external threat that we need to be aware of everyday. Everyday we need to conquer the villain in us as well, the demon which seems to have a mind of its own. And how very beautifully has Raykesh Omprakash Mehra depicted it in his latest movie-Dilli-6!


The film takes us into a journey within us. It makes us understand that a demon is present inside each of us. It is but only our call as to what extent we let our lives be controlled by that demon. “Kala Bandar” shown in the movie is reminiscent of the “Monkey man” incident that occurred in parts of Delhi few years back. But quite subtly it tells us that the true Kala Bandar is quite embedded within us, raising its ugly head time and again.


Raykesh, after Rang De Basanti has come out with yet another great movie. If his last movie tried to shake the youth from its sleep, Delhi 6 tells us the need to understand things before jumping into action.


Dilli 6 is a story of time, a story of two worlds brought beautifully together. Waheeda Rehman wants to come back to her native place (saddi Dilli) after having stayed for many years abroad with her son. She is shown suffering from a heart disease and the doctor advises her complete rest. It is here that she expresses her desire to go back to Delhi and die peacefully there. However, prior events have made her son so averse to the place that he rejects the proposal out rightly. But when she becomes adamant on her decision to come back to India, her grandson Abhishek Bachchan agrees to bring her. On stepping into India, Abhishek is at a loss, not being able to understand the madness around him. Thus, he can’t seem to find a reason as to why a wall is erected between the compounds of two quarrelling brothers, whose wives gossip merrily through a lose brick in the wall, why traffic must be held up while a cow is delivering a calf, why the wings of a pigeon should be tied up. As he tries to find answers to his questions, little does he realise that he is getting sucked into the madness and even before he can understand, he finds himself a part of the madness.


The music has been done by A.R.Rehman and it is needless to say that you will be completely taken in by the wonderful music. “Masakali”, sung by Mohit Chauhan has already swept the charts.


An equally wonderful screenplay does not let the audience move away for even a second.


The differentiating factor for the movie is, how simply issues have been dealt with. For something as grave as a communal riot, the film maker uses a very simple plot. So, for once, the audience, be rest assured that nothing will bounce over your head while you are taken into the depths of human psychology.


The actors have all done a brilliant job. Abhishek Bachchan is no doubt carrying his rich family tradition of fine acting. This movie might as well be said to be one of the milestones of Abhishek’s career. Sonam Kapoor, though only two films old, has displayed her acting skills to the best. Special mention must be made of Atul Kulkarni. He is an actor who can drag you along into the character as well, without much effort. His character (Gobar) depicts the true human being- simple living and simplicity in thinking.


In all, a great experience! But a statutory warning to all those who are looking forward to a “paisa vasool picture”. This movie deals with many serious topics. Thus, be ready to gain some knowledge along with entertainment.


Souvik Mitra

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