Finding Ground: Culture Confluence

The advent of cultural exchange has been tremendous; history has witnessed that with rise in cultural influence increases the deep sense of association with one’s own culture. The superlative of this situation, of feeling deeply rooted to personal customs and traditions, sometimes diminishes the possibility of acceptance of simultaneously existing beliefs. The mason who makes this wall of irrational intolerance is probably within us. While living in a heterogeneous society, our social development calls for a desperate need to understand the importance given to other customs by their respective practitioners, as similar to the importance we give to our culture.


Partial knowledge is worse than ignorance is what they say. In the present world, this holds utmost relevance, as media today is open and available to all in order to procure understanding of different world issues and people across the world. People base their judgements depending on their exposure to the various media. Thus in this give and take structure, the two pivots are Projection and Perception; and the purpose of this article piece is to advocate “Perception with rationale” and “Acceptance with humility and comprehension”.


The beauty of development of the human society has been its diversity, and it is us who have to harbour responsibility to celebrate this phenomenon. Limited knowledge can be acquired from those similar to us, and there exists a fortune of knowledge to be gained from those with different perspectives.


We are blessed to have the capacity to question, inquire and investigate, and thus have complete right to formulate personal perception and judgement. In this progress-stricken world we live in, the scope for orthodox, stuck-up ideologies needs to be curbed and the authority that these ideologies hold over our minds needs to vanish. We should strive to explore the bounties of the power the Almighty has bestowed on us, that is, ‘to understand’. This power implicitly lies docile within us and once judiciously utilised; the boon will spread sporadically and transform the myriad of polarisation and differences into effective and fruitful prosperity. Thus upon exercising our intellect to understand the other side will enable us to gauge reasons of a certain sect or a group of people to behave in a certain manner.


Concerted efforts should be made by the youth and the educated to understand any particular cultural hegemony, either through direct contact with culturally different people or other media, to gain comprehensive knowledge. Thus, enhancing awareness holds a vital priority which facilitates acceptance. Once the shackles of baseless accusations and intolerance are broken, qualities of productive energy and unity will prevail.


It is disheartening to see how people (not barring the youth) reveal reluctance to even acknowledge the existence of beliefs of others and deem it “not their law”. Bones of contention are bound to appear when mergers of dimensionally different ideas occur, as colossal amount of diverse heritage each of our cultures posses.


When has there been a positive change without having to face negative buoyant forces? Thus the aim of the present generation should be overcoming all negative forces that retard the pace of social development and put forth a robust front of human understanding. A youthful mind has seemingly endless ideas and thoughts, thoughts that are potent enough to question issues concerning our societies, personal relations, and the system we are in. Our belief in cultural confluence and goals of fostering harmonious havens for holistic development should not be mitigated under any circumstances; this will thus showcase the triumph of human spirit.

Aditya Sinha
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