Finding Nemo: You don’t have to go “finding” that far

– Rent a DVD or switch on the TV for this classic
Pixar definitely does it again with the delightful production- Finding Nemo. Andrew Stanton has outdone himself once again. Stanton seems to have skillfully juggled all the balls as Director, story and screenplay while Lee Unkrich as Co- Director has also played his part well. This has become another timeless classic. While endearing animation is easy to laugh at, it’s not as easy to make. But this team has made it so well that an eight year old and an eighty year old, both can settle together and watch reruns at HBO without breaking stride.


Finding Nemo had released in 2003 to instant success. The Toy Story creator definitely had lady luck on his side.


The movie’s cast is a well rounded one. It has veterans like Brad Garrett and Albert Brooks giving voices to two of the leading characters of the movie. The popularity quotient is not lacking as Ellen DeGeneres lends her voice too. This Oscar winner doesn’t have a bland moment. The movie makes you laugh, cry, hold your breath in anticipation and avert your eyes from any upcoming danger for the protagonist. The animation has been done superbly; the depiction of the Great Barrier Reef makes one want to pack the bags and head to the Australian land and the poisonous jelly fish makes every audience member move back a little form the screen. Be it the blue tang fish, the clown fish or the Australian turtles, each one is a work of art. Pixar has some magical beings who are creative geniuses to bring the movie to life so brilliantly.


The name “Finding Nemo” is suggestive and intriguing- the best kind. The story revolves around Marlin (Brooks) who is a clown fish who gets separated from his son, Nemo in the sea. The movie is about Marlin’s journey of finding his son and in course, realizing his parenting mistakes. Stanton has scoped the sensitive topic of over protective parents, rebellious kids and the tangible dangers that lurk around due to these unsolved problems.


Marlin’s hilarious companion in the movie is Dory (DeGeneres) who is a forgetful blue tang fish. While she makes friends with sharks and tries to talk to whales, she does it all with an aplomb that makes the viewer roll with laughter. Despite her amnesic ways she unites the father and the son after an unexpected turn of events in the movie. She emerges as the star. Alexander Gould has given voice to Nemo’s character. While Marlin literally charters unknown waters for his son, Nemo discovers life in a dentist’s office being cramped in a fish tank in Sydney with other members of the tank for company. His rechristening does bring the anxious moments in full force. All the members sympathize with the little fish from the start and begin the arduous task of planning his escape. Marlin atop Crush, an Australian turtle who Stanton has given voice to tickles not just the funny bone, but all of them with his “duuuude”. The movie has important words of wisdom for the members of the sensitive parent child relationship. The way the movie explores the depths of a father’s love and breaks the stereotype of the “macho fathers”. It brings father figures into a completely different softer light which makes the movie all the more endearing.


Shubhi Vijay

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