Fine them!

India at 60; I guess this brings out some very strong emotions even from the weakest of individuals. It is undoubtedly a never ending debate, as one weighs the pros and cons of the Indian bureaucracy, judicial system, taxing structure and so on, to come to a conclusion of what we have achieved and missed out. Well, we all are very good at erasing our contribution from either sides, after all we all do the best we can, for ourselves.

The government of India never seems to have enough money (I mean for the public, not the bureaucracy), to build roads, infrastructure, agrarian economic structure, and the list goes on. This was one of the reasons the Planning Commission was set up and the big hue and cry about the budget every year takes place. Every individual feels that taxing them is rather unfair when there are a million other avenues open for the same purpose. Why tax business men when you can tax household incomes? Why tax household incomes when there is property? Why tax property when there is business? For every why there is an explanation, strong enough to make one feel the injustice and the atrocities all of them are facing! But one can’t blame the government for all the mishaps, after all we are 1 billion!

Well pondering over all this, the philanthropist in me woke up and urged me to look into better ways of raising money which would suffice the need of the government and those of the citizens. I thought of it day and night, pondered and mulled but nothing seemed to satiate me, and then it came. The answer was right there in front of me, well all of us, on the road, in broad daylight crying out to be fined. Let me give you a hint ‘men-road-stink’, any idea? Well to put it across straight- the world is a urinal for men, which is declared quiet pompously in forwarded mails, cards, etc, talking about how wonderful it is to be a ‘Man’. Borrowing from my personal experiences and those of my friends I can assure you that we are subjected to seeing at least 6 to 7 men each day urinating on the road as we walk by. No eye brows are raised, questions asked or made fun of as this seems to be the natural order of things while on the other hand we all know how awfully offensive public display of affection is or for that matter certain types of clothing which are regarded as skimpy by the society.

The fact of the matter is that men are blatantly indulged in this. It strikes me is that there is no one to tell that it is wrong. No justification, be it on the call of nature or anything, can cover up the stink or the uneasiness it causes to women. If we fine them, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, after all the government could do with a few extra bucks and the men could learn some basic manners.

When I researched on this thought on the net, hoping someone had looked into this problem, I got my answer. Yes there is a bill, namely The Prohibition of Littering and Defiling of Public Places Bill, 2006 whose main objective is “to prohibit littering, smoking, spitting and defiling by way of attending the call of nature in public places which are meant for the general public, so as to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and healthy atmosphere in and around such public places and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.” But before we pat ourselves on our backs, reality check calls. We do not know if it has been implemented as it could not be found anywhere. It further states that spitting, urinating defecating in a public place shall be liable to a fine of two thousand rupees and setting up a number of mobile courts as it may deem necessary for carrying out such purposes. What more could we want!!

With the help of simple arithmetic we can see that even if these 6 to 7 men whom we unfortunately encounter are fined 2000 rupees each it would result in a revenue approximately 12 to 14 thousand rupees per day. This money could be easily used for making public bathrooms or for anything which would benefit the general public. Through this article I do not wish to state that spitting, littering or smoking is any less an evil, but we have got to start somewhere. I hope this bill is implemented soon, till then we continue to turn our faces away from the stink and the disgust.