Fitness—the Latest Fad….

7 a.m.- Sari-clad Aunties walking around in the neighborhood parks, trying hard to shed the extra flab or the hip youngsters sweating it out in the state-of-the-art gyms. Well, it has arrived in India too and fitness is certainly the new buzz word. The rage has caught on, not only amongst the youth, but people of all ages and sizes, and it has definitely turned into a revolution.

The best health insurance is exercise and people are beginning to realize that. The media, celebrities as well as the people around us have left no stone unturned to spread awareness on health-related issues and it has grown like a contagious disease. Some work out to lose weight, others to follow the latest trend. Girls are going bonkers over the size-zero Kareena look while the guys are pumping up the right way to acquire those desired muscles. The main motive is to transform from flab to fabulous.

With the ever-growing demand for gymnasiums, spas are not far behind. They too have become an instant hit, they range from dental spas to foot spas and the list is endless. Earlier, they were limited to the plush five star hotels but now – one could find a glimpse of them in one’s own neighborhood.

The market to look good is on the rise, and spending big bucks is one way to achieve that goal. Right from beauty treatments to exercise regimes, today’s generation has left no stone unturned. They no longer believe in the saying ‘Beauty is skin-deep’, whereas the outlook really does matter to them. In spite of busy schedules, these people have surely found a way to squeeze fitness into their daily lives.

The celebrities have a major role to play in creating awareness among the populous. There has been a metamorphosis of the Bollywood heroines from frumpy to sexy. The once chubby Kajol has given up all her flab and is seen around flaunting a svelte body post-pregnancy…that does give many pregnant women a ray of hope. Even their male counterparts are not lagging behind. Shah Rukh Khan with his six-pack abs became an inspiration to many a 40 plus men who had given up all hope in themselves. Isn’t this a reason enough to be fit?

The point is not to follow these trends and over exert oneself, but to stay fit in whatever way possible. Not only does fitness tone one’s body and bring about positive thinking…it also cuts one’s age by a lot many years. So when are you joining your neighborhood gym?

Geetika Sachdev

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