Five Point Someone — A Book Worth Revisiting

About the author
Just read the name ‘Chetan Bhagat’ and a bell rings in your mind which reminds you of the book called ‘Five Point Someone’. And this is the book that established a regular IIT and IIM taught guy as a prolific writer. This, very first book of his, is based on his life at IIT, one of the most premier technical institutes of the country. Two more books followed and replicated the success but this particular one is easily the best read.

About the book
The book is written in a narrative style, where the author describs events along with the minute details, which actually bring to life the characters. It brings back memories of crazy college life one has experience for those who have left those days behind them. Even if you have missed something during your days, here is another chance to live through it. Many might say that it is a book by an IIT guy for IIT people, but, to clear the air, it is actually far above from the routine IIT issues. It is actually a roller-coaster ride taking you through new lows and highs.

The whole story revolves around three friends – Alok, Ryan and Hari. They meet at during a late night ragging session in their hostel for the first time. And then begins their long lived friendship. Each one of them is a different kind of individual, brought up under different conditions but, fate brings three of them together to make their lives even harder. They don’t accept the system the way it is, so the system takes their revenge by rewarding them with the tag of ‘five-pointers’.

Alok hails from a lower middle-class family with his mother providing the only source of income. His father is paralysed and needs to be taken care of and, his sister is approaching marriageable age. And the family is, undoubtedly, short of finances to fulfill their needs. On the other hand, Ryan’s parents are quite well-to-do but don’t have anything to offer to their son, except expensive gifts that their money can buy. He, has kind of promised himself to not to walk on the same path as everyone else. Hari, the narrator, has no clue about the purpose of him being in IIT apart from his girlfriend Neha, who, unfortunately happens to be a professor’s daughter.

With the background of IIT-Delhi, the entire story revolves around the miseries that the trio faces. With the passage of time, their problems tend to increase furthermore making it even more difficult to strive through. But it is the solutions that they deploy that makes you go crazy.

From whatever I know, this book has served as the starter of novel reading habit for most Indian students. And if you have still not read this book, it is a must read to relish college life, hostel life, friendship, family and much more. It will not be just a read, but a visit that you would love to experience again.

Anjum Dhamija

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