Five Tips To Make 2015 A Healthy Year


Change your Mind Set:

Want a healthy body this year? A better shaped belly, healthier routine and better eating habits. It is better to be a little pragmatic about it. Set achievable goals. Big targets don’t necessarily mean big results. It may give you an adrenaline rush to imagine that you have lost 20kgs in a month or have quit smoking in a week or any other drastic health change for that matter. However, failed targets make us lose motivation for keeping up the efforts. An over whelming target could be enticing but small targets achieved are better than grand schemes failed.
Our subconscious mind accepts what can be done reasonably. Consciously we may plan grand but sub conscious mind accepts what it can achieve. Once we accomplish small it gets motivation and works harder to achieve bigger plans. So, aim for smaller achievable targets this year that will inevitably pave the road for you to achieve the larger goals in life.

Morning Ritual:

Drink more water in the morning and all through the day. A simple morning ritual can be a cure to a number of health problems.  Begin your day with drinking four glasses of water. If four glasses sound daunting, you can start with two and increase the number gradually. One glass an hour before lunch and one after it. Another glass an hour before dinner and one after it. This make eight glasses of water a day. It is simple, doable. Drink more water and be healthier this year.

Breakfast is Vital:

Breakfast means to break the overnight fast. Starting your day without breakfast is akin to starting a car without filling the fuel in it.  Breakfast provides the nutrition required by the body to function properly all through the day. Research suggests that a heavy and nutritious breakfast reduces the chances of gaining weight by 70%. So if you are aiming for a healthier-self this year, do not forget to begin your day with a proper breakfast.
Keep Healthy Food Within Reach:

Eating healthy food is as easy as eating unhealthy food.

Having healthy food within reach obviates the chances of munching on unhealthy food to some extent. Carrying a healthy snack along with you is one way to stay away from over indulgence in unhealthy stuff. You are what you eat then why would one want to have a fried samosa (deep fried snack) when we have strawberries? Choose wisely and get that pinkish glow.


Most of us are not just sleep deprived but starving for it. Do not underestimate the importance of sleeping.  People boast about sleeping less considering it an indicative of a person’s importance and busy work schedule. However, sleeping less makes us more prone to stress, anxiety, lack of concentration and bad temperament. While an adequate amount of sleep heals the mind ,makes you more productive and energetic and also improves metabolism .

So, sleep well for being awake all day.

Follow these five tips and be healthier and more successful in 2015.

Ratanpriya Sharma

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