Five Uber Cool Facts You’d Definitely Want To Know


  • High Court judge D. Hariparanthaman is a man  whose fashion sense is rooted deep in his culture. Which I for one, really appreciate that, for the man is sticking to his roots. Not all, however, are so encouraging.  Last year, the Judge from Madras visited the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association to attend a book release function. Strangely, he was denied entry on the grounds of “inappropriate dress code”. He had worn a dhotithat day. But Mr. Hariparanthaman kept it simple again as he attended The Republic Day function in Delhi this year in the same attire.  He’s sticking to his fashion preferences (which is great!). What is strange is  that clubs should be having problems with a dhoti.

  • Hindi is spoken by over 800 million people around the globe. Being the third most spoken language in the world has got to have its merits. Recently the creators of the new edition of the Oxford dictionary added 240 Hindi words to their gargantuan collection. Some of them being keema, pav and papad.
  • Sipping beer right at the brewery is hands down the best way to enjoy the drink.  Stedji Brewery (producer of craft beer in Iceland), however, uses only pure and clean spring water to make their beer. Plus it’s also flavored with endangered whale testicles. Yep, you read it right. WHALE TESTICLES. Dagbjartur Arilusson, a co-founder of Stedji brewery, in an American radio show said, “It’s really a normal beer but we add the whale testicle during the boiling procedure. It’s the extra ingredient of the beer.” So the next time you happen to be in Iceland and want to enjoy a glass of beer at Stedji Brewery, you might want to keep the whale testicles in mind!
  • A zoo in San Francisco, California has big plans lined up in the pipeline for Valentine’s Day.  To make things interesting, anybody who visits the zoo on February 14 this year will have a chance to adopt a cockroach or a scorpion in the name of their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. Well, this is absolutely bizarre (and disgusting, if I may add), and frankly even worse a way of avenging your ex than the cliché technique of dating their best friend.
  • Lancet, a weekly medical journal recently released a paper listing the fattest countries in the world. 33 percent of the adult population in U.S.A. was found to be fat. Indians were at the lower spectrum of this list. Only 30 million people were recorded as being fat which constitutes a mere 3.8 percent of the adult population (I guess we’d do better in a list of the most malnourished countries of the world!). Egypt, on the hand, recorded the highest percentage of fat people with 35.9 percent.

Somesh Chandran

Image Source: [The Viewspaper]